Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Nathan's P.O.V.

"Baily."  I called out.  My voice echoed down the hallway in a one way call out.  No reply echoed back and I sighed annoyed.  "Baily."  I repeated again to get exactly the same answer.  A soft whimper released itself from the corner wardrobe.  I made my way silently towards the door.

"OH WELL;  GUESS I'VE LOST BAILY AND CAN'T FIND HIM."  I exaggerated loudly and leaned closer towards the door.  The whimpering stopped and a low chuckle erupted from behind the wardrobe door.  "I GUESS HE CAN'T HAVE ANY OF THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CARAMEL CHUNKY DELIGHT ICECREAM."  I bluffed loudly.  I stood back from the door and out erupted Baily with slightly puffy eyes.

"Oh look;  you found me;  darn."  Baily faked quietly and started walking towards the lounge.  I trailed after him and followed him into the kitchen.  He pointed towards the freezer and I instantly knew what he was referring to.  "Fine."  I said as I rolled my eyes and started grabbing bowls and spoons.

Samuel's P.O.V.

"SWIPER NO SWIPING!"  Dora and Boots screamed at Swiper on the T.V.  A sound caught my attention and I turned my head towards the front door.  "We're back."  My mum greeted loudly and turned on the light to illuminate the lounge.

I turned my head to look at her and her two other friends.  "Okay children;  time to go home."  The brunette lady said while walking into the lounge and patting her eldest on the head.  "Oh is she asleep."  She said as she looked at the sleeping child in between my legs.  "Uh yeah;  I didn't want to move her so I just let her stay there."  I admitted.

"Annabella."  The brunette woman said towards the child who flung open her eyes and let her eyes adjust to her mother.  She smiled and hugged the woman and lifted herself off of my legs.  "So I guess we should be going;  thanks for a wonderful night Catherine."  The blond woman said and started making her towards the door, trailed by the brunette and her children.

"Thank you so much boys for looking after the kids;  I haven't had a night out on the town for ages."  My mother said tiredly and made her way towards her bedroom.  "Well I'm off to bed;  night."  My mother said loudly.  "Night."  Me and Nathan replied simultaneously.
This is going to be kind of ishish a sex scene because people have been asking for one.

"What do you want to do?"  I asked while Dora and Boots started talking to trees.  "Well..." Nathan started and traced his hand along my leg.  "I think there's more things you can do on a couch then just sit on it."  He hinted and kissed the back of my neck.  "Nathan we can't."  I commanded him;  my voice failed to cease his hands.

"Why not?"  He asked confused.  I stood up and turned around.  I scooped him in my arms and walked towards my room.  "Because we're not private enough."  I instructed and shut the door with the back of my foot.

I leaned down and crashed my lips down on his.  His hands clamped around the back of my neck and pulled me closer.  My hunger for entry overtook his lips and I moved my tongue into his mouth.  He moaned as I wrapped our tongues together.

He removed his hands from my neck and traced them over my t-shirt.  He pulled with might and teared a hole in my shirt.  He removed his mouth from mine and rolled under me and moved towards the whole in my shirt.  His tongue tickled my pectorals and traced over my muscle before making its way towards my nipple.  "mmmm."  I moaned in pleasure as he roamed my skin.

I pulled the t-shirt over my head and let the ripped shirt fall to the ground.  Nathan pushed on me and started rolling over, he landed on top of me and his eyes bored into mine.  "I love you so much."  He said while grinding himself on me.  "But I love making love to you more."  He announced and pulled his shirt over his head.

"Now fuck me."  He said huskily and pulled my jeans down.  His mouth trailed over my briefs and he sucked them leaving a wet outline of my penis on the briefs.  He pulled the briefs down and put the erection in his mouth.  His warm mouth provided much relief and I moaned in happiness.

I put my hands on his head and forced it down roughly.  He gagged slightly, it sounded faint through my loud moan.  "I don't want your mouth anymore;  I want your other hole."  I commanded him.  A devilish grin formed on Nathan's face and he licked his lips seductively.  "I'd love nothing more then that."  He replied seductively.


So I'm contemplating if the next chapter's going to be a sex chapter.  If it is it might take a while to be written.  Okay;  hope you enjoyed the chapter ☺☺☺


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