Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Samuel's P.O.V.

"That"  I sighed as we made our way back to the car.  After our session we walked along the beach, our beautiful sightseeing was ruined by Freddy bouncing up and down on Danny, but other then that it was fine.

Danny and Freddy slipped into the back seats while I entered the drivers side and Nathan gracefully entered into the passenger seat.  We clipped on his seatbelt and slid his hand over to my leg and rubbed it gently, I laughed and started the car.

"Vrooooom."  The engine roared as I pressed my foot on the reverse pedal and backed out of the parking lot carefully.  I maneuverer my way out of the car park and headed towards Freddy's house.  Street lamps illuminated the footpath in front of his house, I scanned over the modest property.  It showed off its glorious gardens and second floor.

"Thanks for the ride guys."  Danny said while shutting the door and hopping out with Freddy.  "Anytime!"  I called out to them through the rolled down window and waved as they entered through the front door and disappeared behind the wooden door.

"I'm tired.  Can we go home?"  Freddy asked while closing his eyes.  I leaned my lips down to his and pecked them softly.  "Of course."  I obliged happily and left the street and headed home.  The long familiar driveway crinkled under the tires and we walked happily inside.

"Boys;  we need to have a word."  My mother said sternly as we walked through the door.  "You are gay."  My mother stated instead of asked.  I stood frozen and gulped hardly.  "Yes."  Nathan said while snaking his hand around mine and lacing our fingers together.  "Well...that's completely fine;  and I'm going to assume you two are a couple?"  My mother asked in questioning tone.  Me and Nathan nodded simultaneously.

" is love and I guess I can't change that.  But I do have a favour to ask of you."  I smiled as I heard my mothers accepting words.  "What's the favour?"  I asked as I got over the giddiness.  "Can you please not have sex in PUBLIC PLACES!"  She exclaimed.  The love in her voice diminishing as her voice raised.  We nodded embarrassed and ashamed and headed towards up the stairs towards Nathan's room.

"And don't forget I love you."  My mother said in a loving voice as we made our way towards the top of the staircase.  "Well that was intense."  Nathan laughed and closed the door behind him.  "But luckily your mum didn't overreact."  Nathan said thankfully, he sighed and splattered down onto the bed.

"Yeah;  she's great isn't she."  I said aloud while silently thanking my mum.  "I'm exhausted."  I said tiredly and slipped into bed with Nathan.  I curled my body and lead him into my arms.

"I'm so happy I have you."  I breathed happily down his neck and he wriggled around slightly.  "Me too."  He replied as we fell into sleep.  My eyes strained as they tried to keep themselves open to lack at Nathan but eventually stopped resisting the fighting and closed.

I'm so comfortable.  I'm so happy.  And I feel so love.

I've got him.  I finally have him, I showed him didn't I? 

You'll all see.


Last chapter.  Sorry huns, hope you enjoyed the series.  BYE!

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