Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


Hello you pure innocent angels. If you don't want your beautiful angelic minds to be corrupted please don't read this second part of the chapter. Thank you honeys <3

Nathan's P.O.V.

I pulled down the handle and let the door slide slowly towards me. I inhaled a heavy breath and let my nerves flow out as I exhaled in nervousness. I can feel the towel slipping slightly and tie it back around my hips. I walk into Samuel's room and hear a soft snoring. I look at him and silently thank God as I examine his closed eyelids.

I tread silently over to his bedroom door and pull it open quietly. I turn around and close it silently. My heartbeat slows as I walk further away from his bedroom door. I walked into the lounge with the towel draping over my hips and instantly recognised the typing sound coming from the office. I peeped my head in and Catherine's familiar blond hair draped down her back and her front faced towards the screen.

I placed my feet quickly in front of each other and scurried up the stairs. I looked behind me and thankfully Catherine's eyes didn't connect with mine. I rushed towards my room and quickly slammed the door behind me.

My towel dropped from around my hips and I didn't reach to secure it. It twirled towards the floor and I looked downwards towards it. My eyes stopped slightly before my towel. My member obscured my view of the white towel. I reached my hand down towards it and wrapped it around.

(I think you know what happens ;-D)

I walked towards the shower and the warm water flowed down my body. I contemplated if I wanted to shower but decided to because of the mess I had made. I'm happy that the plumbers fixed the plumbing.

I grabbed my hair straightening shampoo and started my transformation process. I squirted out a big blob into my hand and started massaging it in. I tilted my head back and let the water soak through my hair; the shampoo leaked out and drifted down the drain. I grabbed for my tanning cream and started applying it. I rubbed it all over and paid special attention to my face.

I stepped out of the shower and let the water continue to run while I dried my hair. I started applying the blond hair dye to my hair and let it stay for a few minutes. I stepped back in and let the water work its magic as it started to collide with my hair dye. The blond water trickled down my back and cascaded towards the drain.

I hopped out of the shower and dried myself off. I scanned over my naked body in my full body mirror and observed my tan skin. I smiled in appreciation and pulled on some briefs. I grabbed my berry moisturiser and started rubbing it all over my body. I rubbed my hand over my smooth skin and pulled on my kangaroo onesie.

I pulled my joey out of my pouch and started hugging it as I made my way downstairs. The heat from the day had receded and the afternoon air provided a nice chill in the household. "Hey Catherine." I greeted her. She smiled back towards me while mixing her pan of meat. "What's for dinner?" I asked while nearing the kitchen stove. "Nachos. They're nearly ready." Catherine replied. "By the way, can you go get Samuel; I think he's asleep in his room." Catherine asked me, I nodded compliantly.

I exited the kitchen and started walking down Samuel's familiar hallway. The cream walls illuminated by the passage light. I wrapped my hand around the handle and started walking in. "Hey Samu- OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY!" I screamed as I started backing away from his door. Looks like I'm not the only one who was entertained by our bath.

"Um your mum said that dinner's ready and she wants you to come." I called to him through the wooden door. "Okay." He called back to me and I heard a zipper sound come from his room. I started walking back to the dining room and was greeted by a sceptical Catherine. "I heard a scream; are you alright?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded and sent her a fake smile while I sat down at the dining table.

Samuel limped his way towards the table and sat down. His crutches fell towards the floor as he released them. "Last day with those annoying things." Catherine reminded her son. He's getting his cast removed tomorrow and will be able to walk. "Dig in." Catherine demanded while grabbing a spoon and ladling a large spoonful of mince onto her plate. "I wouldn't let Samuel use his hands to eat." I said towards Samuel. He blushed and looked down at the table. Catherine missed the joke and started eating.


Them boys nasty O.O Picture to the side is of Nathan's onesie.  And btw thanks for having this book ranked in action for the last 4 chapters C:



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