Prologue and Chapter 1

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Prologue and Chapter 1


The book will be in Samuel's P.O.V.


"But I can't love you." My eyebrows furrowed in anger as they collapsed down. "W-w-why not?" I asked in desperation. "Because at the end of the day, we know nothing about each other." He replied. "And how does that effect us?" I asked desperately. "Because I'll always be the kid you bullied and you'll always by the kid that bullied me." He replied.

"Now if you would. Please leave." I followed his finger and made my way outside of his house. He shut the door as I looked back at him. It pained me to see him in pain; but I'll get him back, you'll see.

You'll all see.


It's been 3 weeks since the day that my world was ruined, but it seems as if it's been 3 years.

It was a quick process when the agency came, Nathan was gone in a few hours. My mother arrived home to find officers and lawyers at our house; all of which were waiting for her. Nathan had called a lawyer's firm and wanted to be put into foster care, after hours of arguing it was agreed that he could go.

I will never forget the look in my mother's eyes, she hasn't been the same since and is constantly in a sad mood, her fake smile doesn't hide anything.


"Samuel you have to go to school, this is not a debate." My mother said in annoyance, she sighed as I stayed under the blankets trying to maintain the illusion that I was asleep.

I felt the coolness nip my skin as my mother dragged my blanket off of me. "MUM!" I screamed as I huddled into a ball in a failed attempt to keep my warmth. "Get up; you're going to school and that's final." She said with a tone that suggested I shouldn't argue.

I sighed as I got up and headed to the bathroom.


I walked onto the footpath that lead up to the school, the crowds of people on the sides of the walkway taking no notice. "Hey man!" Someone said as I felt them place their hands on my shoulders. I turned around to see Danny and Nathan hand-in-hand smiling at me. A few weeks ago they came out and they're truly the definition of love; it's disgusting.

"Hey guys." I muttered through tiredness. "Come on Mr Grumpy, cheer up!" Freddy said in a cherry mood, his ginger hair matching his rosy cheeks. I sighed as he smiled at me, the infectious smile apparently losing its charm as I kept my same attitude.

"Come on dude there's lots of fish in the-" I cut Danny off. "He's not a fish. His name is Nathan and I want him, I don't want fish I want Nathan!" I whined in annoyance as my fists clenched. "Okay man. Okay."

I heard the bell ringing to signal it was the start of the first period. I sighed as I grabbed my books from locker and made my way to home economics.


"Get out your green textbook and turn to page 293." Mrs Dawkly said as I placed my book on the desk and turned to the page 293. "As you can see from the diagram present; the valley is a U shape which means that it was created by a what....Samuel?" My head flicked up as she called me out and I looked at the pages blankly. "I don't know." I said quietly as this girl in the front of the class put her hand up. "Are you sure you don't know?" Mrs Dawkly asked again. I shook my head and Mrs Dawkly sighed as Danah answered that it was a glacier.


The bell rang and I started putting my books in my bag. "Farewell everyone; have a good rest of the day; oh and Samuel, stay behind please." Mrs asked as I finished putting my books in my bag.

When everyone made their way out of the classroom Mrs Dawkly shut the door and sat at her desk with a straight posture.

"Now Samuel, I assume you no why you're in here." She asked as a rhetorical question. I shook my head causing her to sigh.

"Samuel it's just that... I've noticed a change in your behaviour. You used to be so... happy... and now not so much." She said in a sceptical tone.

"I'm not happy." I replied blatantly.

"Well I didn't think so. So I think you should make an appointment with the guidance councillor." She suggested as I rolled my eyes.

"Just kidding I'm fine." I stood up and made my way to the door, on my way out I heard Mrs Dawkly pleading me not to go. I picked up my pace and sped down the hallways but didn't run.

I turned the corner and my eyes bulged as I hit someone. I brought my arms up in an effort to protect myself and felt myself coming closer to the floor.


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