Part Nineteen:

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Part Nineteen:

The plan Zoe had devised wasn't going to be easy. That was the only thing she was sure about. Zoe dragged the inflatable raft out onto the deck of the boat just in case they needed a quick escape route -- which was extremely likely. While Zoe was doing that, Charlie was using a rope as a harness to lean down the side of the ship and burn a small hole in the side, in the room where the cyclopes were. He couldn't summon a full out flame, but he could heat his body up to an immense temperature.

After that, Zoe used her powers to pour water slowly up the side and into the hole. She only concentrated on flooding the boat and keeping it up, not on Charlie who was giving her a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, down in the cabin, the younger cyclopes were panicking. They saw the water and leaped onto the dining table, only to smash it to pieces. "Ah! We're sinking!" The first one moaned.

"Fools!" The older cyclops exclaimed. "It's only water!"

"It's knee-deep!" The other younger one wailed. "How does water get in that fast?"

"Stop panicking and find a way out!" The three cyclopes waded through the water towards the trapdoor and ladder, but Charlie was already standing at the top, bow held ready. He notched an arrow and pulled back the string, aimed, and then released the arrow which went sailing through the air and impaled one of the younger ones directly in the head. As the cyclops disintegrated into golden dust, Charlie refrained himself from cheering and shouting 'head-shot!'.

"It's a trap!" The older one yelled, but not before Charlie had shot the other one.

"Zoe! Stop flooding the boat!" Charlie cried, glancing over to where Zoe had been standing a moment before, yet now she was lying unconscious on the floor.

As quick as lightning, Charlie rushed over to the inflatable raft and pulled the string to inflate it. He cradled Zoe in his arms and then laid her on it, before turning back towards the trapdoor. Realisation that he had left it unattended hit him like a snowball in the face.

"No, no, no, no, NO!" Charlie cursed, running back towards it. The older cyclops had Alex and Sammy slung over his shoulders. Charlie pulled out another arrow, aimed and fired it at the cyclops who stumbled, but didn't disintegrate like the other two had. Charlie figured he must've been stronger.

While the cyclops was distracted, he waded over and pulled out the knife he had in his back pocket. He freed Michael before rushing back to the cyclops and stabbing him right in the back. With one final roar, the cyclops crashed to the ground and disappeared completely.

By now that water was halfway up Charlie's chest. He grabbed Michael, Alex and Sammy, then one by one hauled them up the ladder. Laying them on the raft, he remembered the backpacks full of the group's valuable supplies and ran back over to the trapdoor, his feet pounding against the floor as he full-out sprinted.

It was a split second decision. Charlie dove in, the water now reaching up to his chin, and grabbed the backpacks. When he reached the ladder, he hurriedly climbed up onto the deck which was flooding over.

"No!" He yelled, launching himself at the raft. To his amazement, Charlie jumped so high as fast, he landed right in the inflatable boat, just as it went overboard.

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