Part Thirty-Four:

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Part Thirty-Four:

The smirk took up most of Lily's face as she dragged her brother Ethan by the arm towards the sword fighting arena.
"Come on, you stupid idiot." She giggled. "Stop being such a baby!"

"Lily!" Ethan hissed, his storm-cloud grey eyes darting around. "Let me go! Campers are staring."

"Not until you see this!" Lily cried, her voice full of mischief.

"No, let me go! I promised Hayley I would-" Ethan faltered.

"You promised Hayley what?" Lily stopped and gave her brother a raised-eyebrows look. Her long blonde hair whipped in the wind behind her, and for a split second Ethan considered running. That was how nervous he was.

Lily was basically a tiny adorable ball of anger and rage. Her eyes were a glittering sea green hue but her skin was pale and she had freckles. Lots and lots of freckles that splashed over her face like flecks of dirt. And Lily could be sassy and literally breathe sarcasm at times. She was terrifying.

"I, uh-" Ethan glanced behind his shoulder nervously. Now he really wanted to run.

"Cat got your tongue?" Lily snapped.

"No, it's just that, I, uh-"

"If you don't spit it out in the next ten seconds I will scream at the top of my lungs: 'Ethan likes Hayley!'"

"What?!" Ethan wanted to stand firm and not tell her, but he also didn't want Lily to tell the entire camp that he liked Hayley - which was not true.




"Can you not-"


"Lily, don't-"


"-do it." Pause, sigh, "OKAY FINE."


Ethan took a deep breath.


"I promised-" Ethan faltered. He couldn't do it.

"Four. Three. Two-"




"What was that?" Lily smirked and cupped a hand around her ear. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you."

Ethan sighed in defeat. "I promised Hayley that I would help teach her how to read ancient greek."

Lily's eyes went as wide as saucers. "Oh, my gods." She whispered. Then she smirked and screamed at the top of her lungs: "ETHAN AND HAYLEY SITTING IN A TREE; K-I-S-S-I-N-G!; FIRST -"

Ethan covered her mouth with his hand. "I don't like her!" He hissed. "I like Silena-"

Lily's eyes widened even further.

"But don't tell anyone." Ethan pulled his hand away. "Or I'll tell everyone about you and Noah."

Lily nodded her head and dashed off, leaving Ethan in the dust.


Charlie woke up to voices. He quietly sat up and scanned the area, but everyone else was still asleep. Well, everyone it seemed, but Sammy and Alex.

They were sitting next to each other; way too close for Charlie's liking. Their hushed voices didn't reach him, but when Alex giggled, Charlie understood what they must've been chatting about.

Suddenly, Alex leaned in and kissed Sammy. Charlie growled and lay back down on the floor. He wasn't exactly cold, but he was tired.

The cave and the ground in Tartarus was a reddish-brown sort of colour. A couple of the river shores were made of what looked like black glass, but otherwise Tartarus was very simple in a deadly way.

Charlie glanced back over at Alex and Sammy. He growled again, and rolled over so he was facing the other way, but came nose-to-nose with Zoe.

"Hey." She whispered, her breath fanning his face.

"Can't sleep?" Charlie asked.

"I was sleeping but you woke me up." Zoe shivered. "It's cold."

"Come here." Charlie wrapped his arms around her pulled her closer towards him. A blush rose of his cheeks as he realised how close they were.

"Thanks." Zoe murmured. She closed her eyes and her chest rose and fell in even breaths.

Charlie watched her for a moment before shutting his own eyes and drifting off.


The girl peered through the bronze spyglass. She stood at the base of Hermes' shrine, waiting for her daily haul of food. From afar, she could see five figures moving across the land near a river. Suddenly, the group stopped at a large stalagmite and disappeared from sight.

The girl scowled and flicked a piece of her long blonde hair out of her face. "A quest, I see. Could this be the prophecy they all talk about coming into play?"

There had been a prophecy about fifteen years ago, telling that five demigods would attempt to defeat the primordial Tartarus. The girl had grown up hearing about this prophecy, but not all of her life had been spent in Tartarus. She was fourteen, and a demigod, though she did not know who her godly parent was, and her mother had died giving birth to her.

The first seven years of her life had been spent up on Olympus, being taken care of by Hecate, Aphrodite, Hestia and sometimes Athena and Artemis. The goddess' had told her that she was a demigod daughter of a powerful god, but her time to be a hero was yet to come.

Hecate, the goddess of magic, gave her powers. She could create purple flames and bend the mist to her will. Almost three months ago, Hecate had pulled her out of Tartarus to help protect a powerful demigod at a high school. She had retreated after two months due to a monster attack and could only hope that the demigod had survived.

Now, she just had to wait. But for what, she wasn't so sure.

WHO IS THE UNKNOWN DEMIGOD??? (If you know *looks at someone in particular* DON'T SPOIL IT)

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