Part Fifteen:

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Part 15:

The dusty weapons lined up on the shelves in the Weapon Shed made Zoe feel imitated. Bronze and gold dominated the small room behind the Athena cabin, and if Zoe wasn't so nervous then she would've loved to have had a good look around. But since she had only two hours before she left for the quest, she decided to pick her weapon and leave.

Bows and quivers full of arrows were neatly displayed on one wall. Swords and daggers on another, while shot-guns and spears gleamed on the other. Piles full of even more weapons took up most of the floor, and Zoe had to watch where she stepped so she wouldn't get a dagger impaled in her foot.

She picked up sword after sword, trying to find one that balanced in her hand but had no luck. After half an hour, she got annoyed and kicked at a massive pile of swords lying on the floor in front of her. "Stupid swords!" She cried, bringing up a cloud of dust.


The pile scattered, falling around her in heaps of bronze. Zoe gasped, jumping back. Once the dust had settled, she found that there was one bronze sword left where the pile was.

The sword was at least three feet long, with a bronze blade and a handle that fitted perfectly in her hand, almost as if it were made specifically for her. On one side of the blade, there was a trident engraved into the hilt, the other side had an owl. "Whoa..." Zoe breathed, then swung the sword in an arc in front of her. It moved as swiftly as water, slicing the air in a bronze streak.

Out of instinct, she pressed her finger on the head of the owl and something clicked in the sword. It shrunk down until it turned into an owl charm on a silver charm bracelet. Zoe twisted the charm and it expanded into the sword. When she clicked the owl, it turned back into a charm.

I think I've just found my weapon. Zoe thought to herself, pleased. She put the charm bracelet on her wrist and headed back to the Unclaimed Cabin.


"Zoe." Annabeth murmured, giving her daughter a hug.

"Mum," Zoe said, pulling away. "I'm scared."

"Don't be." Annabeth smiled knowingly, then pressed a piece of paper into Zoe's hands. "This is a map of Tartarus. I created it after the Giant War for future reference to heroes, but I never gave it to anyone."

"Thank you." Zoe grinned, slipping the map inside her backpack. "See you when I get back."

She moved on to her dad who gave her a lopsided grin. "Good luck my little princess." "Don't call me princess!" Zoe playfully punched her dad's arm but hugged him all the same.

"Be careful Zo." Percy said, holding his daughter at arm's length. "You've already figured out some of your powers, but you haven't discovered all of them. When you're down there, seek out Bob and Damasen. Tell them you're Percy Jackson's daughter and that 'the stars said hello back'."

"Why?" Zoe asked, curious about this strange request.

"They helped Annabeth and I get out of there. If they're still alive, then they should help you as well." Percy explained before kissing her forehead. "Stay safe."

Zoe walked towards where Michael, Sammy, Alex and Charlie were waiting beside five beautiful pegasi. She gave one last wave to her family before climbing onto the back of a grey pegasus.

"Lets go." Zoe said, and the group took off over the lake and zoomed into the horizon.

The quest had begun.

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