Part Eight:

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Part 8:

It was still far too dark outside, probably only five AM, but Zoe couldn't sleep. She quietly got up and grabbed her stuff for a shower. Then she snuck into the girls' bathroom in the Unclaimed Cabin without waking Alex up and had a quick five minute shower.
Once she was finished, she got dressed into the Camp Half-Blood shirt Silena had given her and a pair of shorts with running shoes. She tied her still wet hair back in a low ponytail and headed outside.

Chiron had explained to the five after the campfire that they would be participating in multiple activities so that their godly grand-parents could claim them. Zoe felt like this was too much for her; she couldn't think, her brain was fogged up. So she decided to go for a run on the beach Silena had shown her. Apparently hardly anyone used it because it was the place where Percy and Annabeth had their wedding before they went missing - or, died, like most of the campers believed. Zoe had to bite her tongue to stop herself from saying that her parents were Percy and Annabeth, and she felt guilty.

Actually, Zoe felt guilty about a lot of things.

Like when she was little, her and some other kids at her school had been playing tag and she had scrambled up into the playground fort with a boy, when Ester, who was the tagger, had followed them up the ladder. Zoe had hidden in the corner, watching in her safe spot as Ester pushed the poor kid back down the ladder then lied and said it was the wind.

Why did Zoe feel guilty? Because she could've saved the boy from falling fifteen feet and breaking his arm on contact with the ground, yet she had chosen the safe option.

And she also felt guilty for being at camp while Jaz had been kidnapped.

Chiron wouldn't give her the details, but he had told her that Jaz was a daughter of Aphrodite who had arrived at camp when she was only four and was taken in by Nico and Will, a couple who lived in a small house in the village. They had looked after her until she was ten, then she had spent two years training until Chiron had sent her to protect Zoe, along with Liam and Millie who had still not yet returned.
Zoe sighed. Her thoughts were still jumbled and she needed to clear her head before she got a bad headache.

The beach had always calmed her, partly because her grandfather was Poseidon and partly because it had given her so many great childhood memories. Like the time when her dad had taught her how to surf. Or when she, Ethan and her younger sister Lily had a sandcastle building competition with their mum. Zoe was proud of her simple Disney castle design, but then she had turned to see what Ethan had done and her jaw had dropped. Ethan had literally built a mansion out of sand. It was large and magnificent on the outside, like a castle, but on the inside it had a hollowed out room that Ethan could just fit into without bringing the entire thing down on his head.

Zoe smiled at the fond memory, walking through the grassy terrain until it turned to sand. She breathed in the salty ocean air and walked up the waves that were gently lapping at the shore. The sun had just started to come up, sending the water into pink and yellow swirls. Zoe sat down on the sand, taking in the fresh air and the beautiful view.

"Hi." Someone said from behind her. Zoe yelped and spun around, coming face-to-face with Charlie.

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