Part One:

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Part 1:

It wasn't that Zoe didn't want to admit it. Okay fine, she did want to admit it, but not right now, not here! Not when she was just about to leave for one of the most embarrassing school dances in her life - well, in her opinion anyway.

Zoe Jackson took a deep breath and stared into the mirror almost hesitantly. She was met with black hair let out in loose waves, silver bangles decorating her wrists, stormy grey eyes with just a hint of blue eye shadow, full red lips, an owl necklace that matched her bangles, a light layer of makeup - not too little, not too much, silver flats on her feet, and finally, a sea green dress that looked pretty much like it was made for Zoe. Well, to be honest, it was made for her mother, but now it was Zoe's.

The girl in the mirror took a deep breath and smiled, showing off perfect teeth.

"Zoe!" A voice shouted, and there was a knock on the bedroom door. Zoe jumped, knocking over the chair that had all of her makeup and jewellery on it. It crashed onto the floor and all of the items on it spewed all over the floor in one mess.

"Mum!" Zoe shouted, just as the door banged open.

"Yes, Zo?" Annabeth asked. "Oops, sorry." She winced, seeing the mess on her perfect carpet. "Sorry honey, I'll clean it up once you've gone, speaking of which, are you ready?"

Zoe breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks, mum. And yes, I'm ready." She picked up a small handbag and slung it over her shoulder. "Lets go."

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