Part Four:

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Part 4:

"Who wants to have a dance off?" One of the teachers shouted into a megaphone. A cheer echoed from the crowd in response. "Girls and boys, nominate your top two dancers for a dance off."

"Obviously, I'm going to dance." Ester said, and her crowd of friends nodded in agreement.

"Ooh, did somebody say dance off?!" Jaz shouted in Zoe's ear.

"You should enter!" Zoe shouted back.

"Should I?" Jaz hesitated.

"Come on, we'll do a duet."

Zoe grabbed Jaz's hand and raised it in the air. "We're going to do a duet!" She announced. Since no one objected, the two girls made their way out onto the dance floor.

Unfortunately, the two boys who were competing against each other were Josh and Max. Max was a dancing star - the best in the school, in fact.

Then there was Josh. Zoe was hopelessly in love with him, and she knew that his muscular figure and windswept brown hair would distract her.

"Everyone, please give these guys some space. Dance off!" The DJ yelled. A song that Zoe had heard on the radio a dozen times before came on.

The stars are out,
The sky is dark,
Hold me close but keep it in
Warm inside,
I'm filling up,

Hush, my darling, don't let the evil in
Every moment you're away,
Is a moment I can't bear,
Keeping inside my memory,

Your eyes, your hair, your mouth, your nose,
It's too much for me to handle,
Your arms around me,
My head's spinning too fast,
Because baby you're perfect,
In every way. (etc)

Jaz and Zoe did a routine they had come up with once at Jaz's house. They moved their arms gracefully in time to the music, using the slow rhythm to their advantage.

Once the song had finished, the DJ called out, "that was awesome! Now, time to vote. For the girls; who votes for Ester?"

There was an erupt of applause. Ester put her hand over her heart. "Aw, thanks guys." She smiled, then gave Zoe a look that said: beat that, wimp.

"Who votes for Zoe and Jaz?" There was applause, about the same amount that Ester got. Then the screaming started.

"Zoe and Jaz! Zoe and Jaz! Zoe and Jaz!" Most of the crowd cheered.

"It seems that our winners are Zoe and Jaz!" The DJ announced, and Jaz hugged Zoe.

"We did it!" Jaz cried, jumping up in down with Zoe as the crowd clapped and cheered. They were too happy to notice that Josh had won for the boys. When everyone had disappeared, Josh sauntered up to Zoe, hands in his pocket. Zoe felt her insides melting into the floor. "Follow me." He whispered into her ear, and Zoe shivered, not noticing Ester and Max who were sneaking out of the hall.

Josh lead her outside. They stood beside the exterior of the school library, hidden out of sight from security cameras. Zoe faced him, her back pressed against the cool wall. They stared at each other.

"You're beautiful." Josh murmured, leaning in, before out of the corner of her eye Zoe saw his fingers extend claws.

She grabbed his shoulder and judo-flipped him into the wall. Josh groaned, then hissed. He got up, fingernails transformed into claws out in front of him. Zoe acted before he even had the chance. She swung her arm back and whacked him in the jaw with her fist before kicking him in the stomach. Then she ran.

Zoe reached the school hall just as there was a giant explosion of fire, and screams. There was a giant flash of light and the last thing Zoe saw before she fell into unconsciousness was Jaz running towards her, a bronze sword in hand.

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