Part Two:

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Part 2:

Annabeth Jackson glanced across the car at her daughter. I shouldn't be worried. She thought, concentrating on the road in front of her. The prophecy hasn't come around for fourteen years ... I doubt that she'll be ready until she's sixteen.

The prophecy had been on Annabeth's mind since Zoe turned twelve. It had been a nagging thought at first, but as each day wore on, it had turned into a disrupting, terrifying thought. She was more worried about Zoe. This dance was the perfect opportunity for something to go wrong, but she doubted that anything odd could happen - yet.

Chiron had sent a young satyr to look out for Zoe. The satyr had reported to Annabeth that lately he had been sensing a monster-like presence in the school, so it couldn't be a coincidence if something were to occur!

Well, there's no going back now. She decided, as the car pulled up outside the school.


Zoe was greeted by her best friends Millie and Jaz. She waved to her mother who drove away, then headed up the steps of the school with her friends.

Millie was trying to tie her hair back in a low ponytail, but failing miserably when her short brown hair fell out. She sighed, tugging at the hem of her black dress. It was short and flowed down her stomach then stopped mid-thigh. She had white butterfly clips keeping her hair out of her face, and red leggings with black boots.

Jaz was checking her reflection in her compact pocket mirror. She carried it around everywhere, even though Zoe knew she wasn't into makeup like other girls, Jaz clung to her mirror everywhere she went. For the dance she wasn't wearing a dress; they were to tacky. She liked ripped jeans with a cropped white shirt that had only one three-quarter sleeve, the other just a strap, thank you very much. Out of the three girls, Jaz was the most tomboyish. Sure, she liked to check how she looked, but when she wasn't checking her reflection, she was tearing up the field on the racetrack as the fastest girl in the school.

"Hey Zoe." The two girls greeted when she appeared. Jaz snapped her compact mirror shut, stuffing it into her pocket.

"Have you seen Josh anywhere?" Zoe asked, peering over Millie's shoulder into the open door of the school hall where music was blasting out of large speakers.

Millie gave her a sad look. "I saw him enter with Ester, I'm so sorry Zo."

Zoe's heart deflated. She forced a smile. Ester was so annoying. She stole all of the hot looking guys, dated them for a few weeks, then talked about them behind their backs about their bad habits.

Zoe had fallen for Josh. Hard. And she wasn't prepared to see Ester ruin her chances.

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