Part Three:

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Part 3:

Zoe, Millie and Jaz entered the school hall. It was big enough to fit a basketball court and stands for the entire school to sit in, so it wasn't too crowded. Music was being blasted from a speaker system where the DJ was putting on a range of different songs. Teachers prowled the outskirts, watching with beady eyes as students took drinks from the food table and disappeared into the crowd.

This wasn't exactly a school dance. It was more of a disco, especially when a song came on and Jaz groaned. "Ugh, I've heard this stupid song so many times! Sorry, got to go." She sprinted over to the bathrooms with her hands over her ears while other students stared at her like she had gone crazy.

Zoe glanced around the jumble of school kids. She spotted a group of 'popular' girls at the edge of the crowd, and amongst them Ester. Zoe was pleased to see that she was crying, her makeup smeared, which obviously meant that Josh had ditched her.

Grinning, Zoe turned to Millie, only to see her disappear over to the food table to chat to Liam. Liam was a boy in their Math class. He was disabled, meaning that couldn't run properly and he was always wearing long socks and a cap on his head - even when it was boiling hot. Zoe knew the Millie felt sorry for him, she had a disability too. When she was younger, her older brother had persuaded her to climb a tree. Millie, being only two at the time, didn't know the dangers of climbing a tree, so when she had reached the top, her mother came rushing out, coaxing her to come down. Millie had fallen twenty feet and since she was still a toddler and her bones weren't very strong, the bone in her right leg had snapped in half.

It couldn't be fixed, so the doctors had to cut her leg off. She had a peg leg now, and always joked that she was a pirate. Or at least, that's her story. When Zoe asked Millie's brother about it once when she had gone to the beach with Millie, he had looked at her weirdly, like he didn't know what she was talking about.

Zoe peered across the crowd at Millie and Liam. Millie said something, and Liam put his hand on her shoulder. But the thing that surprised Zoe the most was that she didn't flinch or slap it away like she usually did, and for a split second her appearance changed.

Her short brown hair was replaced with auburn curls, her blue eyes turned hazel and her skin was tinged a light green. Her black dressed turned into a brown and green mix, while her shoes disappeared completely, leaving her with a bare foot and fake leg.

Zoe blinked, and Millie turned back to her usual self. She started over to the table, weaving through the crowd, then ducked beneath it, praying that they didn't see her.

"-don't know. The presence is definitely there, but I'm not sure where." Liam was saying.

"Maybe it's just the gods messing with us." Millie suggested. Gods? Zoe thought.

"I dunno, but Chiron told me that I have to look out for her, and I feel that the time for the prophecy is coming around."

What prophecy? And who's Chiron? Zoe was getting impatient. She snuck back out from underneath the table and was just about to say something when she felt a wash of power come over her. Zoe stopped, paused, then turned around and walked away, completely forgetting about what Millie and Liam had just said.

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