Authors Note & Next Book Info

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Uh... hi, I guess?

*braces self for the food about to be thrown*

As a writer, I would sincerely like to apologise for the ending. But it was necessary. You'll learn why soon enough. 😉

And that leads me onto my second topic: the next story. YES there will be a sequel to this, and it will be called Truth.

I will release it soon, so never fear! (You can find it on my account)


Zoe Jackson isn't your average legacy. She and her friends went to Tartarus to kill the god and succeeded - but at a terrible price.

Alexandra and Charlie Valdez, Michael Grace and Samuel Zhang were cursed by the Arai. And what's more, Zoe has no clue where they are and what it will take to save them.

Along with her best friend Jasmine Grace, Silena Rodriguez and her younger brother Ethan Jackson, she must find them. Before it's too late.

But can she face the truth?

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