Part Thirteen:

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Sorry if the first part of this chapter is wrong.

Part 13:

Instantly, Zoe's training as a junior life guard kicked in. Her hands flew to Charlie's chest and she pushed down, using all of her upper body strength to get his heart pumping again. She did this for a minute, then tilted his head back and lifted up his chin.

She pinched Charlie's nose shut and tilted his mouth towards hers. Then she pushed her lips against his and breathed into his mouth. His chest rose and fell. She did that again, then continued pumping his chest and giving him breaths for a few more minutes.

By now, Alex, Sammy and Michael had spotted her on the beach.

"What happened?" Alex asked as she waded through the water.

"He almost drowned." Zoe said, leaning back on her heels. Alex gasped.

"Is he alright?"

"For now. But I had to give him CPR so his heart could keep working, and we need to get him to the infirmary. Now."

Michael and Sammy picked up Charlie and Alex walked alongside Zoe. Zoe didn't notice the tears streaming down her face until they were entering the infirmary, and she had pressed her finger onto her cheek.


Charlie woke up two hours later. Zoe was sitting beside his bed, worry taking over her brain and coursing through her body.

"Charlie?" Zoe whispered, and Charlie's eyes fluttered open. He looked at Zoe and smiled.

"H - hey Zoe." He coughed, sitting up. He touched his lips. "Did you--?"

"I saved your life." Zoe blushed, knowing what he was referring to.

"Well, thanks." Charlie grinned, showing off perfect white teeth. Zoe's heart fluttered. "For saving my life, that is." Then he closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

Michael entered the room. He looked at Zoe, and smiled. "Hey Zo."

"Don't call me that." Zoe snapped, but it came out as more of a sigh.

"He'll be fine." Michael told her, sitting down in the chair beside her.

"Are you sure?" Zoe asked, tears pricking at her eyes. Then she burst out crying, putting her head in her hands.

"Hey, shh, shh." Michael rubbed her back and soothed her. "Don't cry. You saved his life. If it wasn't for you, then he wouldn't be here right now."

"But w - what if it wasn't e - enough?" Zoe sobbed.

"Look, Zoe. I risked my life to save yours because I knew that you could be saved. You saved Charlie's life because you didn't believe that he was dead - he could be saved." Michael prised her hands off her face and smiled.

"Thanks Michael." Zoe sniffed, wiping at her eyes. "I guess I've just been so stressed and worried the past two weeks." she sighed, glaring at her shoes.

"If you're feeling stressed or need someone to talk to, then I'll gladly listen. You're like a sister to me." Michael gave her a quick hug.

"Okay, big brother." Zoe giggled.

"Ha-ha. Good one, little sister." Michael chuckled, grinning.

Zoe stared at Charlie, who was lying peacefully on the bed. His chest rose up and down at a steady pace, and his eyes were closed. Then she thought back to what Michael said: 'You saved Charlie's life because you didn't believe that he was dead.'

Now she realised it - why she was crying, how she always blushed when she was around him, why she called him cute and the reason that she hated him at first.

Zoe had a crush.

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