The Smirking Jerk

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**WARNING** If you haven't read "I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know" this story might be confusing because it is in fact the main male character's POV. I suggest you read it first. But if you don't want to, accept the fact that you might not understand everything right away.

Also, this story is NOT a priority. As far as I'm concerned, you guys already know how this end. So don't expect weekly uploads because it's not going to happen. 8D



Chapter One

I’m in a car. A black car with leathered seat. It has the new car smell. It’s almost intoxicating how strong the smell is. There’s a man driving in front. I can’t see his face. It’s weird. I have a book in my hands. I don’t see the words but I know it’s a book about a kid who is an unworthy son.

            “Bloody hell scamp! Put the book down! You’ll get sick! You know you can’t read when we’re in a car!” Jayden says beside me, looking annoyed.

            Wait, isn’t Jayden… no no, that was just some weird dream right?

            “Sorry…” I trail and close the book.

            I don’t like the book anyway.

            “Scamp! You don’t need to listen to everything I say you know,” Jayden says and smiles, giving me a small shove of the shoulder.

            I smile at him. I’m glad I’m with him. Just me and my brother! No parents, no Kendall. Just my big brother.

            The driver has stopped at a red light, the car stalled behind the white line on the road.

            “I know, but usually, it’s better if I do!” I chuckle a little.

            Jayden laughs. “You make me sound like a bad brother”

            I laugh too. “Trust me Jay you ar–”

            I can’t finish my sentence as I feel an impact that seems to shake my body to the very bones. It’s like a punch in the face but on my entire body. And all my muscle contracts as I feel metal being torn around me and glasses exploding the car moving away from its spot, metal colliding with metal.

            I want to scream but I can’t. I can’t even hear anything. It’s like I have wool in my ears.

            And then everything stops moving and it’s like the time has stalled.

            But not for long because everything crashed back to now.

            “BLAKE,” I hear Jay yell.

            And then I know. I know he can’t come back for me. I know how this ends. I don’t know how I know it, but I know it.

            He can’t take me out. He has to leave!

            I can smell gasoline around me, and blood and dirt and burned material.

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