[1K VIEWS] 15 Facts About Me

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Hey there~

As a thank you for the 1K views, I've decided to share some facts about me with you & I opened a new Ask.fm^^

Ask me more questions at my new Ask.fmwww.ask.fm/novastella

Well then.. let's get started!

1) Helloo.. I'm NOVASTELLA5. You can call me NOVA for short

2) I live in the USA.. near Cedar Point actually :)

3) I love amusement parks and museums.. I know it's a weird combination

4) I'm Korean American (So like Ailee, F(X)'s Amber, and SNSD's Tiffany)

5) I'm speak English and Korean

6)  I'm a '98 liner

7) I'm currently obsessed with the groups BTS, BIGBANG, SEVENTEEN, and I'm obsessed with SHAKE IT by SISTAR /shake it shake it for meee/ 

8) My biases from #8 is Suga, GD, Wonwoo or Hoshi, and Hyorin!

9) My ultimate bias was EXO's former member, Luhan.. now, I don't know what to do T-T

10) I used to stan EXO a lot.. now I stan BTS & BIGBANG more^^

11) I play piano and violin... and I sing and write lyrics for fun!

12) I love writing, especially writing these lyrics

13) Traveling the world is one of my life goals

14) I'm actually going to my first concert, a One Direction concert, tonight (8/29/2015). I'm not a big 1D fan but I'm going because I really want to experience a concert

15) I might make another social media later on.. maybe?

Thank you soooo much for the 1K views~ I will continue to work hard! Fightingg~❤


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