(77) Cheer Up - TWICE

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Cheer Up - TWICE [Lyrics written by novastella5]

Ringing everyday, bell bell bell

Don't mind me for now..

I'm trying to save my battery right now

It keeps coming.. ringing ringing, texting

Even as we speak.. my phone is exploding

Don't know don't know, he says he's trying

Says I make his life hard

I'm the reason his heart is racing

He says that I'm! the prettiest out here

Not to brag or anything

Ah~ I didn't answer your calls, so sorry

Honestly, you were so sudden, shy shy shy

I can't meet now or next week, so sorry

It's okay, I'll just call you later

Hey stop begging, you know you won't last long

I'll give you a chance, baby

It's still a bit early

Don't know what to say really

Let's wait and see if I'll fall for you

[C] Cheer up baby, cheer up baby

Don't you give up yet

I'm not the.. type who.. gives her.. heart out easy

You might be the one who will ruin everything

I'm staying calm.. "oh it's nothing".. you'll fall for my acting

I don't want you to know I'm falling for you

Just get it together

And then baby cheer up! (I need you~).....

[MV not mine. Rights to JYP ENT. Etcetc.]

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