(1) Baby Don't Cry - EXO

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(I do have an decent amount of lyrics already written.. so let's start simple for now. These are my first lyrics that I wrote.)

Baby Don't Cry - EXO    [Lyrics written by novastella5]

Do what you have to do please

Just take my heart faster

Yes, the sharper it is, the better

Even if the moon closes its eyes tonight

If only it was not the useless me

If only it was just a line of comedy

I will love you forever

And protect you with my heart

Baby don't cry tonight

Please wait for the darkness to pass

Baby don't cry tonight

I will take the pain of this task

It will not be you to say the final goodbye

Something that you will think is a lie

So baby don't cry, cryyy

Promise me you'll remember our love

**Everything does rhyme and fit perfectly.. so you can sing it line by line~

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