(7) Bad Boy - BIG BANG

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Bad Boy - BIG BANG    [Lyrics written by novastella5]

(Uh, baby come back. Ayo BB drop it on me)

That night I really was too mean

I didn't know that you would actually leave

I'm sorry that I never had the guts to say

"Don't leave me, please I love you so much baby"

Because I was screaming

I realized something I did everyday

Those words I threw at you

Were so bad baby

Why did you love me with the things I put you through?

Aren't I supposed to love and protect you?

Baby I'm sorry that I couldn't be

That one perfect being, the one that you believed

(So babe) Every day and night I'm so mean

Cause I'm so real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)

[C] I'm the one you love so dearly

Sorry I'm a bad boy

It's better if you leave me quickly

You're a good girl

The more you get to know me, the more time passes

The more you'll get disappointed

Baby don't leave me

I know you still love me

With all my heart, really

I'm telling the truth, I need you

My lay lay lay lay lady

My lay lay lay lay lady

**These lyrics are not exactly the same as the song's official lyrics, but they do have the same concept... a lot of my newer lyrics will be like this.

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