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APOLOGY - IKON [Lyrics written by novastella5]

You always stayed.. always loved me

It was either forever or never

Now I'm gone, I'm gone

Holding my hand.. as if it was all you had

Empty promises of "forever you and I"

They're all lies, they're all lies (yeah)

For some reason, even this dumb TV drama reeks of you

Every scene reminds me of your warmth, what to do?

I'm such a heartless sinner, run away

Staring at your dead eyes, I feel guilt saying "go away"

Don't deny that you know how useless I am

You know how selfish I can be...

Never even thought that you needed space

Strangled you and begged "please stay"...

Never leaving photos behind

Memories are left to die

Never knew love could be so blind..

I walk on, letting you cry

[C] Sorry sorry, I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you

Instead I hurt you

Sorry sorry, it's okay to not forgive me~

I hope you'll move on

This is my useless apology

For breaking our love and you~

I'm sorry that this is all I can do

**This was supposed to be lyrics for my cover (but I decided not to do it).. that's why the lyrics are so short^^

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