(10) Gotta Be You - 2ne1

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Gotta Be You - 2ne1    [Lyrics written by novastella5]

I don't wanna meet new people, don't know why though

I still hate you a lot, you're my enemy, my foe

Our love was like destiny

But now we're strangers, my lovely

You left me for good but your warm scent still lingers around me

We used to be.. all turned up

We started to fall apart, more and more

You said that we were done and that our love was over

Our love battle

Once again, I shout out

Just like the old days, let's go

To the past, rewind

When we were in love, X O

I hate seeing myself, lovesick, not being able

To get over you, so much pain

"Forget, forget, forget" I think

But I can't, every day

"There's no way, I swear, It's gotta be you

So please don't say that, don't you leave me too"

It ain't over till it's over

It ain't over till it's over

It ain't over till it's...

Even if your love tries to ruin me or if it tries to hurt me,

To my heart, I only need you

My everlasting love starts with you and ends with you

I'm stuck like this, waiting for you

It's gotta be you, n-oo

My one and only, oh oh oh

It's gotta be you, n-oo

The one I want and need, it's gotta be you

**Just an FYI. After this post, I am going to be writing new lyrics during my free time. So that means not posting everyday anymore (I was posting lyrics that I wrote already daily before)

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