(12) Be Natural - Red Velvet

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Be Natural - Red Velvet    [Lyrics written by novastella5]

Oh baby come, come, come

I'll be there for you

Oh, with the world that is inside me,

With the nature that I can see,

I can feel everything in this world

Oh, Like a child, your smiling face

Is so lit, that I want to sometimes move it

Into my small, cozy room, Oh so so so

In my dreams, every time

In the same place, every time

I can meet you, you are mine

Oh~ Something nobody knows

Feels like heaven's eyes

Now, I can fly with you in the sky

Sometimes, I wake up and sadly lean

Against the open window

As I fall into a happy daydream

[C] You live in the same world as me,

Your eyes have the same look as mine,

Your words that are like a love poem

Your warm voice and smell I miss, I love 'em

Looking for someone that is like me

You are the only one that I see

On my way to meet you,

I'm hoping to see a younger me

I want you to hold and hug me,

I wanted to stay with you, Oh oh~

**I'm not going to write lyrics to the rap.. so I'm stopping there. I will write the rap later if you guys want it badly

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