(5) Rain Sound - B.A.P

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Rain Sound - B.A.P    [Lyrics Written by novastella5]

(Oh woah oh oh woah oh oh woah oh oh)

A girl like you

Is like a confusing set of questions

So I shut my mouth, say nothing

As I bury away our love

Outside the window, the endless rain keeps falling..

As the moons rises high above,

I hear our songs on the radio

It's perfect for thinking about you

Two empty cups of coffee

Tonight without you, why am I so lonely?

Once again, I walk alone on the streets

I miss you as I watch your favorite movie

Am I the only one trying to lock myself in the memories?

This coldness, loneliness

How much will it hurt me?

I see a blurred figure of a person ready to kill

Like an old black and white film

I still miss you as I stare at the moon and go to sleep

But on this rainy night, I cannot fall asleep

[C] I hear your voice in the sound of the rain

Are you calling out my name?

Or am I just going crazy?

Will the rain sounds outside comfort me?

Or is this pain eternity?

I can't stop thinking about you

**Do you guys like B.A.P? I absolutely love them.. lol

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