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Hello everyone~!

It's been sooo long!! It's so good to see you all again~


I made a YouTube! ↪ http://youtube.com/channel/UCKfduLJK8Zy94Eetd1c2m6ag   (I linked the account to the "external link")

(....and Instagram ↪ @/ hello_reaa )

I started going by the name "Rea" (pronounced 'Ria') but no worries~ It's still me♡♡

Please check out those accounts, I would really appreciate it. (and keeping loving NOVASTELLA5 too Dx )

I am working on English lyrics for The Truth Untold by BTS for my new channel.. and I'll be sure to upload the lyrics here as well!

I love you all~


~ REA *:·゚✧

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