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Hello everyone and welcome to Nova's KPOP Lyrics!!!

This is my little world where I store all of my self-written English lyrics to KPOP songs! As said before, you can sing everything line by line with no worries about rhyming or rhythm because I got that all covered~!

Want to make a cover of one of the songs with my lyrics? I don't mind! Just please>>> 1) Comment or send me a message to let me know 2) Make sure to credit me for the lyrics"@novastella5 on Wattpad"

Open to Requests! Self-explanatory... I'm open to requests~

Okay.. let's go on to an explanation of the extra sections of this lyric book>>>>

"UPDATES" is where you can check to see my current updates in my writing. My posting schedule and which requests I'm working on.

"REQUEST BOX" is where you make requests! THIS IS OPEN! Go go go~

"MY TOP 3" is where I recommend some of my favorites. In other words, it's a list of my current top 3 favorite works.

I am still a student so there will be times when I'm too busy to post. When I am on hiatus, just be patient and I promise that I will post again asap^^

Thank you for reading and follow me for new updates~

I hope that you will enjoy every bit! Don't be afraid to sing along! Karaoke night yay :)


P.S. Please VOTE or COMMENT for your favorites so that I know which one you guys like as my readers! It'll help me out a lot with the styling of the lyrics!

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