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Welcome to MY TOP 3

Here is a list of my top 3 recommendations/favorites~^^

(The list is in <chronological order of "chapters"> so it is not in first is best and last is worst order)

(9) Wedding Dress - Taeyang

One of my first originals (sort of)! I realized that the official English version's lyrics are very different from the original Korean song.. so I wrote lyrics based off of the Korean lyrics. It was my first time that I totally ignored the English lyrics and wrote just me. Cool stuff.. I guess lol

(70) Breathe - Lee Hi

Everyone goes through depression. School, work, relationships, life. All it does is build up stress. This soft song is a simple reminder that it's okay. It's okay to take a rest and breathe once in a while.. because we're only humans and, sometimes, it gets harder than we'd like it to be.

(74) Save Me - BTS

I love this song so much<33 Another emotional song, as expected of BTS /fangirl squeal/ Pretty much.. even though I'm messed up, can you still love and accept me for who I am? Please save me before I fall down and crash and burn for good. (Wow. So many "ands". Lol sorry^^)

I hope you like them!

These are only my top 3 so of course there is a 4, 5, 6, etc! Please check out all the other lyrics.. I worked hard on all of them.


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