Chapter 3

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"So Clove," my dad said suspiciously. What if she was on the list?

"Yes sir?"

"How did you meet my son?"

"School. He's my training partner. Well, I guess I should say I'm his."

"Why so?"

"Because he was at school before me. I started a few months ago."

"How old are you?" My sister Cami, who is pretty much forgotten most of the time, asked.

"Honey, let the child eat. Knowing Cato he probably made her work extra hard. She's probably exhausted, and hungry," mum insisted, saving Clove.

"Oh no, that's fine, I'm 10."

"So you must be extremely good, to be at the best school and be a 10 year old. Also a girl," Cami commented. Cami went to a different academy that wasn't as prestigious.

"Yeah, I guess I can thank my uncle a little."

"How so?" My father butted in.

"Brutus is my uncle. He and all of the other victors trained me. Enobaria is awesome."

"Wow, it must be nice to have a family member be a Victor."

"Yeah," she said and started eating. She complimented my mother on her 'extraordinary cooking' as she put it.

"So, do you like her?" My father asked when Clove and my mom left to wash dishes.

"Um, yes."

"Well, good thing that she is nice. Or else I would tell you to never ever bring her back here. I know what she said. I will do my best to get her off the list. I understand that she was provoked. I will push that as hard as I can," father told me with a smile.

"Thanks dad."

"Well, I can't have my son dating a girl that is considered a threat, or a 'possible' threat."

"I honestly just think she was just too stressed, I mean, her uncle is a victor."

"Exactly," dad said and smiled, letting me know that Clove and mom were coming back. I wish I knew what they talked about.

"Well, I should walk Clove home," I said and got up.

"Oh no, that's not necessary, she can stay," my dad said.

I wondered how much he had heard. Did he hear what I said? No, he couldn't have.

"Well, we are going to go watch some TV." I said and grabbed Clove's hand. We walked back upstairs and sat down on my couch.

"So, your mom is really sweet. But she is quite nosy." Clove said.

"How so?"

"Well, she asked me if I was going to win the games like my uncle. She then asked me like a million questions about him."

"Well, she used to love him. They almost got married."

"Really? He said he could never think of getting married when he got back. He didn't want to. He just wanted to be alone. He wanted to forget all those people he killed. And he wanted to honor them, especially his district partner, he loved her you know?"


"Well, he did, and since they could never be married, or anyone else that died in the games, he didn't want to be married. And he felt terrible for the non-career districts, they barely ever stand a chance."

"I thought he was ruthless."

"That was a mask. He didn't want to be thought of as weak" she explained, and got up.

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