Chapter 1

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A/N. This is all in Cato's point of view. I do not own Cato or Clove, they are property of Suzanne Collins.
"Good morning students!" Mrs. Collagen yelled.

"Good morning Mrs. Collagen," we all responded in unison.

"We have a new student today. Miss Sevina please stand," she ordered. I saw a girl that looked younger than all of us stand up. "Miss Sevina has transferred here in preparation for her turn in the games."

"Congratulations!" We all respond because we are supposed to always say that.

She is a year younger than us and to be here that means she is very good. I was born in this part of district 2 to a maid and a rich man. I know that is a weird combination but I, along with my brother and 2 sisters, then became the center of their world.

I didn't like that I was treated so well. This girl looked healthy too, and strong. She was probably the reason why Alex, my training instructor, had told me to go see him in his office today when I get there.

I floated through all of my classes. This girl was in all of my classes and none of the teachers said her first name. I really wanted to know so I would already have a nickname for training, but of course I couldn't. I walked to training with a smirk. I was going to have so much fun today.

"Cato, there you are." Alex said and hit me on the back.

"What did you need me for?

"Clove!" Alex yelled over his shoulder. The girl emerged from a hallway and walked over.

"What?" She snapped.

"This is your training partner," he said.

"Hi, let's get this over, I already hate you."

"I'm Cato."

"Did I ask?"

"Sorry Clover," I said as she walked away.

She reached to her pocket and pulled out a knife. She turned and flung it at me. Luckily I jumped before it hit me. She almost killed me.

"What did you say?" She asked with a smirk.

"Nothing," I said worriedly. I know how she got in now.

"Hey, C don't kill him, and I won't steal your food again!" Alex yelled. C? Does that mean that they are friends?

"Can't guarantee that," she growled and walked away.

I was kind of scared, I do not want to be in the games with her. I walked after her and saw that she never missed when she threw.

"Clove, we have to train."

"I am what are you doing, gawking at a little girl?"

"No, I'm planning how to make school hell for you."

"Good luck, I can end you any day."

"Oh really."

"Yes! I always have knives and you can obviously see that I never miss."

"Oh, really cause I'm still alive."

"Don't push it."


"So what's your story?" She asked, still hacking away at the target.

"Shouldn't I be asking."

"Just answer the damn question."

"Always lived here, my aunt trained me, my aunt is a victor by the way. Then I came here and train daily."

"You sound like the perfect citizen."

"I am. What about you, what's your story?"

"Isn't it obvious, I trained my ass off, my brother trained me and I hunt. I then transferred here to escape the riches that were forcing me to marry after my games."

"Oh, you know that you will win."

"I strongly believe that I will and belief goes far in this thing."

"Ok! Just a question."

"Well, stop asking about me!" She shouted.

I saw everyone turn towards us. She turned and walked away from me. We could all see that she was a fighter, we just wouldn't know how hard for a few months.
Hey, I know it's a short chapter and as it ended I will have next chapter be 3 months later. All other chapters will be longer and I can promise you that these do get better so please, bear with me. This is a different aspect than I usually use for Clato. Hope you like it. Love y'all :)

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