Chapter 8

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Walking into my house and being greeted by my father was a little scary considering everything that happened today.

"I heard that you skipped all of your classes today with a certain young lady," my father stated, almost in a questioning manner, as I set my stuff down on the coffee table.

I briefly nodded before responding, "I did father. I'm sorry, but I wanted to make sure she was ok after being so directly insulted her family," I stated, almost as swiftly as Clove had taught me to answer. Without her here to sweet talk me out of it I had to try.

"Oh, and would that be the same man that happens to be the Mayor? Because I got a call from him that my son and a young Sevina attacked him, with a knife!" He paused, before continuing,"What were you thinking?" He finished, gaining an intimidating tone.

I gasped in shock as I realized the severity of Clove's actions. I hadn't seen the new Mayor so I had no clue who she stabbed, I just thought it had been a random Capitol minion sent to evaluate the high performing students, but I was wrong. I had to warn Clove so that she could formulate a plan in what to say. Instead I just stood in front of my father with my mouth wide-open.

"Son, are you ok? You seem a little lost," my father asked, breaking me free from all of the thoughts swirling around in my brain. I nodded and ran to the door, "Cato, what's going on? Where are you going?"

"Clove needs me. I shouldn't have come back so soon. She needs me there, I'm the only one that knows what happened," I frantically told him before running out of the house.

He didn't let me go easily though,
stopping me at the door, "No. This is enough. You are not to be around that girl except for at training. I guess I misjudged your judgment. I'm sorry, but I guess you have a bad taste in Sevina's. I never should have tried to help that girl."

"But dad, she was provoked. He said her sister was unworthy of being a Victor and that Liam was stupid for loving her and letting her become Victor!" I shouted at my father, "If I were Clove I would have done the same thing. Especially because Brianne is always saying that and do you think that Clove felt good about that. Then he said he hoped that I wasn't as dumb as Liam had been!" I yelled before angrily leaving, slamming the door behind me.

As I walked out of town to the academy I realized that everything I thought was good was just the Capitol's way of rewarding us for being loyal. The districts that were farther away were always more tense before the Dark Days and still are the highest out of the districts, and suffer from more poverty. But 2 was always happy and full because we knew what we had and that the Capitol was necessary to our survival, but I've heard things while walking with Clove.

The victors are getting upset, there's been talk about rebellion from the victors. They are tired of seeing people go through the torture that they went through in the Games. They want the Games gone, permanently, and so do I.

As I walk into the training gym I am greeted by the sound of something hitting the wall. I look to my left, where the noise is coming from, and see a girl, Clove, throwing a knife and nailing where the heart would be on the dummy.

"Clove, calm down!" I yelled, rushing over to her. When she heard my voice she dropped the knife she had just picked up and ran over to me.

"Cato, I messed up. I shouldn't have done that. I'm putting you in danger. If it were just me I wouldn't feel so bad but now I'm just hurting you," she stated with a wavering voice.

Before I could say anything else she broke into tears. I have only seen her cry a few times, and every time she does I have no clue what to do to help. So instead of saying anything I just held her and sat down with her tiny body curled against mine.

  "I don't know what to do anymore, I'm not just a kid anymore, I'm so much more now and it's scary. I'm the Victor's sister, that people feel like shouldn't even be a Victor. They judge me for what happened with Bri," she whispered once she stopped crying.
"Don't you ever say that. Bri deserves to be a Victor, every single person who goes in the games and tries to not kill, actually anyone that doesn't go cannibal in the games deserves to be a Victor because they had to be killed by a complete stranger, or someone they've known," I whispered in her ear, quiet enough so the security systems and the recording systems couldn't hear what we were saying.

"I know, but why does everyone look at me with that look of disappointment. I don't know them, yet they act like I'm a disappointment of the district," she says, louder this time because this would just sound like an upset kid.

At that I rested my head on hers and listened to her as she got all of her anger out. I hated to see her so upset, but I didn't want to get in trouble and have to leave her.

"Cato Alexander Hadley, where are you?" I heard my father scream from the back entrance to the Training Center. I looked at Clove and warned her to not say anything. She nodded and curled up more.

"Find him!" My father yelled.

At that moment I realized that he had gotten a group of peacekeepers to come search for me.

"Run." I whispered to Clove.

In that simple word she understood exactly what was going on. She realized that my father was not happy at me for dating Clove. She kissed me quickly before running off.

"I hope this isn't goodbye, but... goodbye Cato." She said as she stopped at the door. And with that, she was gone.
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