Chapter 4

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"Cato Alexander Hadley!" My father screamed as I walked in the house.
"Yes father?"
"Why were you gone so long? Did that girl break any laws. Tell me right now or else I won't try to get her off the list."
"Dad, nothing illegal happened. We didn't leave the district or vandalize places. We just talked to the Victor's, and they offered me lessons. I also finally gave Brianne the necklace that Liam told me to give her." I told my dad. His weak spot was Liam. If you mentioned him his anger would fade. Dad loved Liam so much.
"So how is Bri?" My father asked me. He always liked Bri, told my brother that as soon as they were 18 he should ask her to marry him. Sadly that day never came.
"Still misses Liam. She thought I was him. I felt so bad. She is so heartbroken, all she can do is cry and be there for Clove. She also trains Clove."
"Is Brianne like a friend of hers from growing up in the Victors Village?"
"No, Brianne is Clove's sister. I thought you knew that. I mean they are both Sevinas."
"Oh yes, Brianne and Clove Sevina, I remember Clove. She was so sweet. I'm glad that you found her. Except that you guys might end up like your siblings." My dad said sadly.
"I love her. Ok dad, I love her and I don't care. If I die I want to die with her being mine!" I half yelled half cried.
My dad put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes, "Son, I'm glad that you love someone and that you really have a heart, but I don't want you to have to suffer the heartbreak that Brianne is suffering. Or Clove. I don't want either of you to have to suffer." He said and hugged me. I wonder why he is being so affectionate. Is it finally hitting him that I'm his only child left. Or is he finally realizing how close I am to the reaping. Anything can happen, after all we live in district 2, not the Capitol. Even though we have it better it's still rough. Before dad became head Peacekeeper we lived in the poorer part of 2. Now we live in the higher middle class. The upper class is Victors and the Mayor. And Victors families. I wonder what Clove is since she isn't a Victor's child. Not that it matters. I love her no matter what.
"Dad, what's wrong?"
"It's been 5 years since your brother died. And now your only a year off of the reaping. I get that the games are a must for our country but I wish there was a way that you didn't have to. Maybe, I can get promoted to the Capitol. Then you would be safe. Would you like that?" My dad asked.
"No. I have friends here. I have a girlfriend here. I can't leave Clove. I promised Brutus that I wouldn't hurt her. I can't have a Victor angry at me. Dad, it won't happen. Ok?"
"Fine, and since when are you and Clove dating?"
"I asked her before I dropped her at her house." I explained to him. He looked at me angrily.
"Were you going to ask me first? I don't want you dating her! Not right now!"
"Why? You said you were happy for me that I had her."
"Yeah, but it doesn't look good that I'm letting my son date a girl that's on the list!"
"You know what dad? She was having a bad day! Her brother blamed her for his girlfriend and her family getting killed by you! Clove got beat up because of you!" I yelled and ran out of the kitchen. I bolted to the door and ran out. I didn't know where I was running to. But I stopped as soon as I got to the fence. I ran looking for a hole. The fence wasn't the best because we are in one of the best districts. No one in their right mind would leave 2. But for some reason I left the safety of the district and ran. I didn't care that I was being loud. I bet that no one was out here. I am so going to be in trouble when I get home. I had been in the woods twice in a day. I slowed down once I got deep enough in the woods. Why did my dad care so much? Clove isn't a rebel, she wouldn't lead an uprising, at least I don't think she would. But, President Snow is so paranoid and so are the Peacekeepers. I heard crunching behind me and turned around. In front of me stood a large mutt. It was probably some wolf-based thing. It growled at me and started stalking towards me. I just stood there uselessly as it got closer to me, I should have grabbed a knife to protect myself. The mutt was just about to pounce on me when a knife landed in it's back.
"Cato? Are you ok?" Clove asked as she stepped over the mutt's dead body.
"I think so. Thanks for saving me."
"You're welcome." She said and hugged me.
"Ya know, I should be the one saving you."
"But I saved you, so be glad. And you can save me from being lonely and hangout with me." She said with a smile.
"Ok, where would you like to go?"
"I have a spot. But you can't go and be super loud. I also need to grab my knife out of that thing." She said and nudged the mutt. I nodded and she yanked the knife out. It scared me how with one blow she had killed the mutt. She would definitely be the victor of her games if she ever goes into the games.
"So where are we going?" I asked her. She smiled at me and yanked me away. We walked for about 10 minutes before Clove slid underneath another fence.
"Look," Clove told me and pointed to a city of shining lights. I knew it wasn't part of a district. Well, it could have been in District 1 but I highly doubted it.
"Is that the Capitol?" I asked her excitedly. We were sitting in the Capitol.
"Of course, technically we are in the Capitol. But trust me, you don't want to actually be in the city, it's disturbingly colorful."
"How do you know?" I asked her.
"My sister used to take me since I was too young and she didn't want to leave me with Alex. She thought he was too young for the responsibility." She told me.
"So that was only a few years ago?"
"Yeah, Alex is kind of the irresponsible type, but she hasn't had to mentor for a while. Last time I went I was 6."
"Wow, that's cool."
"I guess."
"So, what happened to your parents?"
"They, they got killed, for treason."
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry."
"It's their fault, they over-reacted, this is our life. Everything happens for a reason." She said, taking on that heartless tone that our instructors had taught us, that every career should have.
"Clover, we aren't in training, or the district, you don't have to pretend that you couldn't care less."
  "It's easier that way."
"That is not my name! Only my mom and sister have ever been able to call me that! And that's how it will stay! Got it?" She yelled at me.
"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"Whatever!" She yelled and got up. She started running and I followed her. I had to, I couldn't let her go.
"Clove! Please!" I yelled after her.
"Just leave me alone!" She screamed back, but I could tell she was fighting back tears, "I'm just a danger to anyone who gets close to me!"
"Really? Because if I recall correctly you saved me."
"Yeah, that probably won't happen again."
"Clove. Stop." I told her and she stopped running and turned to look at me.
"Stop, I am choosing this. I want to be with you. I don't care ok! You're the one person that knows the most about me. And I don't have experience with people, so I have no clue about anything. You've lived, even if you break up with me I won't leave. I need you. As a friend or whatever you want me to call you. But I am not leaving you because of the fact that you are scared! I won't leave you! I promise!" I said and my voice gradually got louder. I wasn't backing down. I need her too much to let her history scare me off.
Oh Cato, you know nothing about people. Or girls. But that's how I wrote you. Haha, anyways I want your guys/girls opinions. I want to know what you want me to have happen to these characters. Do you want more conflict? This is your chance to give me your opinion. And look, I published it in less than a week. Or it might have been less than a week since I last edited the 3rd part. But, still, I am hoping that since I have switched my focus to Clato and deleted all of my original books/removed them for right now that I will update quickly. Anyways, happy reading. Love y'all :)

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