Dear Clove,

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Dear Clove,

I'm sorry. Sorry for scaring you, not being there for you, and most of all, I'm sorry for never really telling you how I felt. You saved me. Maybe you realized it, maybe you didn't, but thank you. I love you, and this past month without you has sucked, but I did it to myself, and now, I'm leaving for District 1.

You were my first friend, and I don't think anyone in D1 will be like you. You're a rebel. You're more passionate than any 11 year old I've ever met. Hell, you're more passionate than most people I've ever met. You might never read this, and I don't blame you, but if you do. I miss you, and I will always love you.

          The dumbest guy ever,
          Cato Alexander Hadley

(By the way, I know you don't want it, but please take this back. It belongs to you.)

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