Chapter 16

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First days are always rough, but it's worse when you don't have any familiar faces around you. Sure, I've been here in 1 for a few weeks, but I'm still technically grounded. And I don't think I'll ever find someone as awesome as Clove. Sometimes I just wish my parents weren't together, then I could have stayed in D 2 possibly.

"Cato! Stop frowning! Look happy!" My father scolded, smacking the back of my head. "I will not have you sulking because of some stupid little girl! Stop acting like a lovesick puppy! Man up!" He yelled, shoving me towards the school.

Yes, my father still hates me. I don't know why, since we've gotten to district 1 I had been the perfect child in public. Everything was fine until about 3 months ago, and then he just started hating me. Second guessing my choices. Controlling me. It sucked. It feels like he hates me, and I don't know why. I was doing everything I could to follow his rules, be more like Liam, and it just wouldn't help. I wasn't enough for him. So now, I will be, I will go back to being an antisocial kid who spends all their time training, so I can bring back honor to my family.


"Marvel, meet your new training partner. Marvel, this is Cato, Cato, well, this is Marvel," the overseer, not Alex, stated before leaving me alone with this weird named boy.

"What's with your face?" Marvel asked.

"I'm thinking, taking in everything."

"What? Have you never been in an academy before?" He asked, snorting.

"Actually I went to an academy back in district 2. The same one that Brutus and Enobaria trained out of. And I knew both of them personally," I snapped back.

This seemed to suprise Marvel, who just said, "Well you think you're special don't you? How did you know them? Deliver their paper?"

"How about I trained with Brutus' niece, sister of Bri Sevina. And Brutus occasionally worked out with Clove and I," I responded, smirking while watching his smirk fade.

"I don't believe you," he responded, causing me to pull out the two lockets, the one from Clove, and one from Brutus which had come a little after my birthday.

"Here, all five of us, you can't deny that," I replied, shoving the one with Bri, En, Brutus, Clove and me standing in a weird line, me holding Clove, laughing at her.

"There was something between you and this girl?" He asked.

"Yeah, but it's over now. She's the past," I told him, swallowing the lump in my throat. The sooner I admitted that whatever Clove and I had would never work, the better off I would be.

"She seems like she's on your mind," he commented.

"I spent everyday training with her. Running around 2 after class. Terrorizing other students during training. She has a crazy good arm," I smiled. Just talking about Clove made me happy.

"Sounds like you were tight, how long?" He asked.

"About 6 months. She broke up with me when we found out I would be moving," I told him, my smile falling from my face.

"Damn, I'm sorry," he told me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok," I told him, picking up a sword. "Let's get to training."

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