Chapter 7

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"Mr. Hadley, you are wanted in the training center," the teacher from the Capitol informed me when class started.

I sighed and stood up. I looked for Clove but then saw that she was not in class. The short walk to the training room was boring and quiet without Clove beside me. Maybe I needed to get used to it, after all, some people thought that we were just stupid and were dumb for thinking we were in love. They may be right but after spending every day with someone for about 6 months it's amazing how much you feel like you know them.

I was thinking about Clove when I ran into someone. I looked at the person I knocked down and smiled when I saw it was Clove. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have smiled because I had made her fall, but I hadn't seen her and was worried about her.

"Awwww, is my little Clover falling for me?" I asked her jokingly.

She shook her head at my stupidity and smiled. I extended my hand so she could get up and she grabbed my hand and yanked me down.

"Look who's falling for me now," she grinned.

I wanted to laugh at her and just be like us when we were alone, but then someone cleared their throat.

"Clove Isabelle Sevina and Cato Alexander Hadley correct?" A man asked once we stopped laughing.

"Um, yes sir," Clove responded hesitantly before standing up, flattening her skirt out.

"Do you know why I am here?" He asked looking at us with a questioning look.

"No sir, but we can help you with whatever it is you need," Clove stated monotonously.

She seemed so formal and proper to everyone else and only ever acted crazy with me. I was happy to see that she had both sides.

"Come with me young ones," the mysterious man said without ever explaining what was wrong. Clove and I followed the man because we didn't know what was going on, "I hear that you are the best of your grade, and you are the only girl Ms. Sevina." He stated.
"Well, Ms. Sevina is my sister, Bri. I am not of that title yet. And yes I am the only girl of the academy," Clove responded with a smile because she utterly confused the man.

"And Mr. Hadley, you have followed in your brothers footsteps of being extremely talented, such a pity that he was in love. If not he could have been back home. He deserved it more than his lover," the man sighed, and I saw Clove tense up.

I reached for her hand but instead she moved towards the man with her hair bouncing as she walked. She looked absolutely terrifying as she approached him.

"What makes you think that you can talk about my sister like that and his brother," she demanded, reaching towards her boot. "One of them is dead and the other is an accomplished and respected Victor!" She hissed as she walked over to the knife station.

She picked up a knife and threw it at the man. He tensed up and the knife hit his ear. He screamed in pain and Clove walked back to him, "That was a warning! Understood?" She demanded and walked out of the gym. I ran out after her and saw her walking out of the academy, slamming the door as she left. I finally caught up to her just as she reached the fence.

"It's electrified, no going over today," she whispered to herself.

"Clove, look at me. Please," I pleaded as I stood next to her at the fence.

She looked at me and I saw tears streaming down her face. She always had this emotionless attitude that I hated seeing her cry.

"Don't you understand Cato. This is the Capitols way of telling us to not fall in love. That we are just like our siblings. That we are going to have the same fates as our siblings. They still think this is a sick game," she whispered with the intensity of a shout. I let myself think over what she said and nodded. I did understand the Capitol's warning. If we weren't careful they would make sure we went to the Games the same year so they would have a romance story that was doomed and get excellent ratings with the Capitol Viewers.

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