Chapter 11

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I woke up next to Clove, with her hair in my face. It's amazing to see the person you love first in the morning, but when her hair is suffocating you, it's a little terrifying.

"Good morning beautiful," I whispered in Clove's ear.

After she didn't answer, I rolled over and got up, she was cute when she was sleeping, and I might as well let her sleep. On my way to the bathroom I grabbed the necklace off the dresser. I put it on once I was able to look in the mirror, and then looked at myself. I didn't realize how worn down I looked. That was probably why everyone was acting so weird. After going to the bathroom and changing, I walked back into the bedroom.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Clove asked me.

"Cause I didn't want to bother you. You're cute when you're asleep," I smiled.

"You put it on," she mumbled while playing with the necklace.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Cause it's not manly. It's kind of a girly thing."

"You gave it to me. And I haven't really looked at it yet," I admitted.

"Look at it," she demanded in a whisper.

Following what she said I grabbed the locket on the end of it. I popped it open and smiled, inside was a picture of me and Clove, on a day I completely forgot, how someone took a picture, in color, is amazing.

"Cato!" I heard Clove yell behind me. I turned around to look at her and saw her sprinting up to me. She jumped at me and hugged me.

I hugged her and smiled, "Are you ok?" I whispered.

"Yes. I'm good, I'm off academic probation. It was a condition of me getting in," she replied, before kissing me. Clove, was kissing me, in front of everyone. I kissed her back, still holding her.

"What was that for?" I asked her when she pulled away.

"Now I'm allowed to be 'involved' with a boy in school. I don't want to hide this, us, anymore, I love you, and who knows how much time we have left," she told me before burying her face in my neck.

"If that's what you want," I replied before kissing her cheek.

That was the day Clove and I decided to let everyone know that we were dating. That was about 3 months ago.

"So, what do you think?" Clove asked unsurely.

"I love it. Thank you Clove," I responded, reaching over and hugging her. She smiled, the kind of smile that spreads from both of her eyes, which were shinning like the moon on water.

"I'm so happy you like it."

"Who took it?"

"Brutus. He walked with me into town that day. We weren't planning on running into you. But he had the camera," she responded, clearly proud of her gift.

"We have to go to school don't we?" I asked her sadly.

"Yeah. I'll get moving," she sighed, getting up and going to the bathroom. When she came back, in uniform, I got up and took her hand.

"Time to face the horror that is school," I joked, bumping into her.

"Cat, I don't appreciate you throwing yourself at me," she responded sarcastically.

"Clover, don't act like you don't love it," I responded, looking down at her and smiling.

"I don't. But you know what I do love?" She asked, waiting for a response.

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