Chapter 14

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"How could you invite that Sevina girl in this house?" I heard my father scream at his brother when he got home from work. Bianca had said that she would be coming and dad lost it.

"The girl shouldn't be around all of that hecticness. Especially not when all she needs is rest. And, now Brutus doesn't have to leave his mentor job to take Clove to get looked at. I can just do it here. And that drug worked in a day, I need to make sure it didn't mess up anything," my uncle argued.

"You should have consulted me first," my father replied angrily.

"It's my house! The only reason I haven't kicked you out yet is because of your son! But you know what?" My uncle paused. "His mother's here, so is his sister, you can leave, you've probably got more important business back home anyways!" He finished, opening the door.

"Fine, I'll leave, but you can't stop me from taking my stuff!" My father yelled, stomping up the stairs to the room my mother and father shared. I heard the door slam 10 minutes later, and then the other door close. My father must have left.

"Cato," my uncle sighed when he sat down on the bed, pulling my earbuds out. "I kicked your father out."

"I know. I'm not mad, I'm actually happy, I can finally breathe without him glaring at me," I admitted.

"I could always vouch for you to get Capitol citizenship, you originally were one," my uncle responded. "And then you wouldn't be around your father," he rambled.

"I couldn't. I couldn't do that to my mom, to Cami, and especially not to Clove," I responded.

"In the hospital, Clove said you are her training partner, her best friend," my uncle began.


"There's more to the story isn't there?"

"Clove is my girlfriend. We've been together for, God I don't even know anymore, it was before winter."

"Oh, so what like, 6 months ish?" He asked, interested in my life.


"Well, I can't be the reason young love gets broken up, even if it means letting you go back to your horrid father," my uncle sighed. He was always the cool uncle, the nice uncle, the one person who I could talk to and trust in this family.

"Thank you by the way," I told him, finally thanking him for allowing Clove to stay with us.

"No problem. I saw what happened with Bri and Liam, and I won't let that happen to you and Clove. Or Cami and whatever her boyfriend's name is."

"Alex. He's Clove's older brother, and he's been selected as next year's backup volunteer, so Cami's going home early to spend more time with him."

"It's terrible isn't it? Even though you, 'volunteer' you're not given an opportunity to not go."

"Yeah," I sighed. My uncle must have sensed I was tired of talking, because he stood up wordlessly and left. I released a breath and fell back down onto my bed, laying there, on the verge of sleep.

I had almost fell asleep when I felt the bed dip down. "Hey Cato," Clove said, laying down next to me.

"Hey Clove," I responded, pulling her closer to me. She was facing me, and smiling.

"I'm tired," she complained, rolling over. "But I can't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep since they announced who would be volunteer. And that Bri would be the mentor, since she won she hasn't mentored, and it going to tear her up. And god knows that Alex is either going in next year or the year after that."

"I'm so sorry."

"It's ok. I shouldn't be worrying so much, it's a year away still."

"It's your brother and sister! You have a right to be worried," I told her. She always tries to fake her feelings, and it, it takes a toll on her.

"My brother can't die. He's gonna leave me all alone. Who knows what Bri will do. And God, Cami," she rambled, but I cut into her sentence.

"It's a year away, things could change, and nothing is set in stone. Calm down a little, neither Bri or Alex would want you to be so worried."

"I don't care what they want! I'm worried about them! Bri hasn't been the same since she came out, and then she has to mentor. She's so broken."

"I know. And I wish that she didn't have to feel that way, that her and Liam had came out. But I know that only one could, and it had to be Bri. Had she not come out, well, who knows what would have happened to you and Alex," I told her, stroking her hair. It was late out, and the first day of the games had just finished, which meant that the TV turned on, showing a recap of the day.

"Dear god, turn it off!" Clove shrieked, reaching for the remote, attempting to shut it off, but the button wouldn't work. I saw her panic and pulled her closer, covering her ear and singing to her. Slowly she calmed down, only to fall asleep while I was singing to her.
Hey. Short chapters are better than no chapters, right? And I wanted to throw in this adorableness, I had to fight autocorrect for that, before things go down. Only about 6 chapters left until we explore 13& 14 year old Cato and Clove, there will be a reason for that, trust me. Anyways, thanks for reading. Until next time...

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