Alexandria's P.O.V.

He had blue-brown eyes which was a very rare combination. His hair was a beautiful hair was just...beautiful. His smile..it was a work of art in my opinion. I had to stay smart with him though...only because he was a vampire.

"And what's your name?" I asked. I tried not to act weird but cool. I wanted to impress him, not rip his head off. He continued staring at me with a loving gaze in my eyes. He then stuttered.

"Um...um..............um...." I waited for an answer but he was shocked or something. He didn't move and he just stood there with a smile and stared at me.

"Any answer?" I asked quietly. I couldn't help but stare back. It was like I was under hypnotization under his eyes.

"Um....um..." He blankly blinked. I giggled, which was very rare. I never giggle around anyone except for when I'm around Stefan and Damon. Weird...What kind of emotions are these?

"Well, I'm Alexandria...Salvatore." I said preciously. I was trying to make sure I didn't mess up in front of him. It was hard because he was so adorable.

He stopped staring but continued smiling. "Your a Salvatore?" he said. "Ever heard of Katerina Petrova?" He spoke in a Italian accent which is very very...attractive.

"You mean the bitch that played my brothers and me? She crushed them..." I clenched my jaw, something that ran in the Salvatore bloodline. I hated her, I can't even see my brothers because of her...

"Yeah, I hate her too...from what I've heard she's horrible...I'm glad I didn't meet her." he said.

"Yeah, I haven't seen my brothers in over 100 years...." I said quietly.

He quickly looked at me. "You'll find them...I know you will. And, I know how you feel. I lost my sister a few years ago but I'm ok now." He gave me a warm smile. I smiled back and he opened his mouth to say something.

"Um...do you want to..um go to this little food shop down the street...I hear it's really good and-" I stopped him. Man was he adorable when he was nervous. I couldn't help to be jittery around him as well.

"Sure, I'd love to as long as you don't kill me." I said.

He nodded and flashed his teeth. I think I was going to die.

He stood up and reached his hand out for mine. I stood up and we walked out of the bar and into the downtown of Nutley, New Jersey.

As we walked I decided to mess with him a little. "So, why did you struggle you name back there? Some master plan of killing me?" (sarcastically).

He laughed, ruffled his hair a little and put his hands in his jean pockets.

"No, it's just...I'm a sucker for Hazel eyes...especially big ones." He lowered his head and smiled.

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