Alexandria's P.O.V.
I stood there waiting for how they would react. Ugh, having big brothers sucks. No, having Damon and Stefan sucks. I left out the details of our conversations and our kiss... I didn't want them to get more tense then needed. They looked shocked and frustrated at the same time.
Finally. after a couple minutes Damon broke the silence.
 "Um...anything else you-" he gulped. "want to tell us..."
I took a breath. I think this part was going to freak them out the most.
"Well, Gregg..his girlfriend turned him. She was only using him to hand him over to..." I looked at both of them. "Klaus."
There eyes widened and both mouths hung open.
"He thought Victoria loved him and she just used him...Klaus took Gregg as a 'apprentice' and he became his most trusted vampire. Klaus told Victoria to leave because of some sort of problemshe caused. Klaus was going to kill her but she left before he could. She wanted to continue to work with him but he said she was doing everything wrong apparently. Gregg was a little heartbroken...But, he forgot about all that while he worked with Klaus...Klaus treated him like a little brother which is a surprise considering he's...well Klaus."
Damon close his mouth. "Wow, your just full of surprises aren't you?" he was trying to act cool. Oh god, that's Damon for you.
I took a look at Stefan who looked a little tense and worried. "Um...continue.." he said quietly.
I hated to keep going on but I had to tell them everything.
"Well, Klaus told Gregg that he was allowed to leave. He said that he was done working for him and he did everything he had to. This was right before Klaus found out about Elena. But, Gregg stayed low for a while so, Klaus couldn't find him which is a surprise cause, again, he's Klaus. He them met me in 1997." I smiled. "We were together for then years until-" I frowned. I knew both Stefan and Damon had clenched their jaws.
Stefan came and sat next to me. His jaw was still clenched, man was he pissed. "What did he do to you." he said. I looked into his eyes.
"Stefan, he didn't do anything to me it's what happened to both of us."
Damon lifted his face to look at me from across the living room. "Then, what did happen Lex?' he looked concerned.
"Well, Victoria wanted to kill Gregg for what he did. He took the job away from her and she hated him for that.
One day she visited him and he told her to leave but, she threatened him saying she would.." I stopped.
"Lex, did she threathen Gregg to" Stefan said. Even he couldn't make the words out...he cared so much.
I nodded my head. "What happened?" Damon said.
"She's been trying to get her place back with Klaus ever since. Gregg knew she would kill me so we had to leave each other."
 I felt tears come uo in my eyes. But I hid the tears. "And I think...she killed him..." I remembered everything...
His blue eyes were filled with upset. We were at our park sitting on the bench. I wasn't sure why he called me but I knew it was serious.
"Gregg, what's wrong..." I asked quietly.
I didn't want to know what was wrong but I had to hear it. What happened last night to him?
"Victoria paid me a visit." he said.
I widened my eyes in terror. Did she want him back? What happened?
"She told me that she wanted revenge for what I did...For taking her spot with Klaus. She wanted to get on his good side and I stopped her from it." he looked at me and took both my hands in his. "She's gathered a bunch of vampires, A...She told me for what I did I needed to pay." he said.
I looked into his beautiful eyes.
"What do you have to pay..." I asked. I didn't want to hear it but I already had an idea of what it was.
He lowered his head and stared at our hands. "She told me if I didn't leave you that she'd kill you and if I tried anything to come back she'd kill me."
Tears formed in my eyes. He was the only one I had left. I couldn't be away from him. I would miss him too much.
I shook my head side to side gently. "No, wherever you go, I go." I said almost heartbroken.
"Alexandria." he cupped my face. "I'd rather see you alive and know your safe then you dead and me regretting it my whole life. I can't risk losing you." he said.
I looked at him. He gave me a attempt to a crooked smile.
"I love you forever and always." he said.
"I love you too. I always will..." I said wearily.
He kissed me passionately and hugged me. I buried my head in his shoulder
and cried quietly. He put his hand over my head, tousling my hair trying to calm me down.
*clap clap clap*
We pulled away and I saw a girl a few feet away from us smiling wide.
"VERY nice performance, Gregory. Now, I came here to tell you some news." She had a smirk on her face. " What was it....Ahhh, now I remember..." She looked at me with devious eyes. I decided not to give you a choice and well yeah..,I changed my mind." she said.
"Abouy what, I'm coming with you aren't I." Gregg's voice was stern and protective.
"I'm going to kill your little girlfriend" She pulled a stake out of her back pocket. A few second past away, and before I could realize it, she was lunging towards me. I tried getting her off of me but Icouldn't, she had me pinned. I punched her right in the face and she fell off.
Gregg grabbed her arm before she came   back and he knocked her off the ground.
"ALEX RUN! LEAVE NOW!" he screamed. His voice was furious and loud. I ran with uncontrollable speed up into my house. I packed everything I could in a suitcase and ran into my car. I drove at 100 mph off in the city and drove onto the highway. I was heading to Vancouver.
Stefan pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight. "I'm so sorry Lex." He said.
I sniffled. "S'ok."
He squeezed me tighter.
"Thanks Stefan." I whispered.
"Anything for you." he said.
I smiled. I was so glad to have him.
He pulled back. "Now, go...You need sleep." He kissed my forehead.
I smiled and nodded. Damon was waiting at the door with a warm smile on his face. I hugged him. "Thanks Damon." I said.
He pulled back. "Only for you." he said smiling.
He put his hand on my shoulder and we walked out. I sat and ths car and we drove away.
When we arrived at my condo, I went in my room and changed.
I came out and Damon was sitting on the couch flipping through channels on the T.V.
I grabbed a throw and plopped down next to him. I was so tired...I felt myself drift to sleep.
Damon's P.O.V.
SHE LOVED SOMEONE. I couldn't believe it. I mean if I ever met this guy I would probably threat hen him first. I mean I didn't want anyone taking mine and Stefan's place in Alex's life. I wanted us to stay close forever. I continued flipping through channels and finally noticed she was asleep. Shemust be bummed out. I didn't want to wake her up...
I put my arms around her and carried her to her room. I got her tucked in and   kissed her forehead. She looked so peaceful...
 I didn't want anyone to ever hurt her again. If I ever meet this Victoria chick, I will rip her head off.
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