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For a couple of days everything went normal. We had no vampire encounters which was a good sign. But, we were all doing are part in helping Elena. Alaric stayed over her house for the nights and Jeremy is with her as well. At school, I was with her and so were the others. Everything seemed normal. I sat down next to Elena at lunch.

"Hey." I said. I kissed her softly.

She grinned. "Hello to you too." she said.

I laughed and smiled at her. She was clearly trying to forget everything that is happening to her.

"You know, I wish you met the new girl." she said. I crinkled my eyebrows. We have a new girl? When did this happen?

"New girl?" I said.

"Yeah, she moved here from New Jersey! She's smoking hot man." Tyler said.

I laughed a little. Elena rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, she actually left the grill a couple minutes before you guys had come." Bonnie said.

"She's really sweet. But she hasn't come to school for a couple days." Elena said.

"OH, she went back to Jersey to pick a few things and visit some relatives." Caroline said as she ate.

We all stared at her. "WHAT, rumors go around fast. Besides, I always make sure my sources are real." she said.

I ruffled through my hair. "Even I can't figure out you do it." I said.

She flashed her teeth in my direction and we all laughed. Caroline, Caroline, Caroline. One of a kind vampire I tell you.

I pulled up into the Gilbert driveway.

"How are you feeling?" Elena said.

I nodded my head. "Better...I just can't get her off my mind, you know."

"I know exactly how you feel. It will get better." she said comforting me.

She placed her hand on my cheek and kissed it.

"You know, being a vampire sucks. You have to live with it your whole life." I stated.

She let out a breath. "Just...keep your head up and know that I love you."

I smiled. "I love you too." I said.

I brushed her hair out of her face. I kissed her passionately and said goodbye.

"Call me when you get home." she said getting out.

"Okay. Bye..." I said.

She smiled and walked through her door as she was greeted by Jeremy. I nodded my head at Jeremy and left.

As I entered the house, I realized no one was home. Damon. I walked towards the living-room and found a picture of a young Alexandria with Damon and I standing to her sides. Anger flowed through me. I punched the wall and grabbed my keys. "Goddamnit Damon." I muttered. I got into the car and called him. No answer. I kept calling as I perused the streets to find him. He was going to pay for this. I finally gave up and stopped the car. I put my hands on my head. I love her. Just as much as he loved her. But you don't see me getting drunk and losing myself. I didn't want him to do something stupid because his guilt for her. Where am I going to find this guy.

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