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Damon's P.O.V.

I stood up and she opened the door. Let's see how this goes and then I'll decide if I need to do anything. 

Outside on the corridor, stood a young boy with brown roots and blondish hair. He had fierce blue eyes and a well-built body. I  could tell why Alex liked him so much. But, this wasn't the time to think about that. 

I walked over to him and gave him my "this smile means watch out" smile. Haha, this should set him off. I could tell he was a bit nervous from my awesome smile. 

"Hello." I said cautiously. I did that thing with my eyes that seduces the girls and scares off the guys. 

"Hi, er- I'm Gregg." he said. 

I shook his hand. "Pleasure, Damon."

"Okay! Well, I'm going to go get us some Type A! I'll be back."

As she left, she eyed me, warning me to steer clear. HA, that's not going to happen.

"Why don't you sit, Gregg, we have some talking to do." I said smirking. 

Then, of course, I hear Stefan's car pull up in the driveway. He barged through the door with a odd confused look on his face. 

"Where's Alex?! I mean she-" he stopped. Now, he had a crazy look on his face. 

"Did I-er, interrupt something, Damon." he said looking at Gregg.

"Oh, nothing brother! Just having a little chat with the baby sister's boyfriend." I said on my toes. 

"Gregg?" he asked. 

"Uh, yeah. Hi, you must be.. Stefan." he said.

"Hi." he paused for a second. "How, - What...Where-?" 

I interrupted. "He showed up at the party last night and sort of canoodled with our sister." I said smirking. I had the urge to roll my eyes but, I had to keep this i-look-nice-but-i'm-scary sort of thing going on.

"He did what?!" he asked. 

I took a look at Gregg who was sort of stuck in a frozen position. 

"Wow! This is awkward." I said smirking wider. 

"Yeah, where's Alex?" he said. I saw him clench his jaw tightly. "We have some talking to do."

"She was getting some snacks for us." I said. He left with a pretty serious look on his face.

I stood in place and stared at Gregg. He was darting his eyes all around. 
"So, how's it...going." I asked.

He nodded. "Good, you?"  

I nodded as well. "Spectacular."

Alex's P.O.V.

 I went down to the cellar to grab a couple blood bags. I have a feeling this whole thing is not going off to a good start. I mean I didn't even tell Stefan about him and I always tell Stefan...everything.  I didn't mean to do it, it's just I'm nervous. I just think Damon is more open then Stefan. Telling Damon wasn't an option, it just happened. Blurting things out is one of my specialties. 

Stefan was sort of that guy that loves and cares for you to bits and pieces. But, I mean he is also the one that gets concerned the most. I valued his job as a brtoher but, I don't even know what I'm thinking. 

I heard footsteps thinking it was Damon. "Hey, Day wha's going o-" I stopped when I turned around. 

I saw an upset Stefan in front of me with a very confused look on his face. 

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