Alexandria's P.O.V.

I stopped at the flashlight. Damon and Stefan agreed on letting me go to school....alone. But, big brothers are big brothers and I love them to death. :)

It actually felt good being back in my Camaro. I pulled up in the school parking lot and stepped up to the school entrance where Tyler greeted me. 

"Hey." he said.


"How are you feeling? I'm glad your back. Caroline was going crazy looking for you." 

I played with my fingers and smiled. "Better, I mean there is still bullet scars but, yeah. Wow, that's so...nice of her." 

He chuckled. "Yeah, she was really worried. But, I bet she'll be glad to see you today."

"I'll def catch up with her....I'll see you later!"

I ran to my classroom leaving Tyler at the main entrance. 

I entered and plopped down next to Caroline. 

"HEY, your back!" she said. She hugged me. 

"Ha, thanks Care!" I said. 

Caroline is definitely a person to come to when you need cheering up. 

"OH, and happy late birthday Alex!" she said cheerfully.

"Aw, thanks Care. Actually I didn't even think of my birthday since I was being....tortured."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry bout that Alex."

"S'ok." I said. "The bitch is dead and I'm happy!"

She laughed. We both started taking notes so Mr.Reynolds wouldn't shout at us. 

Then, there was a knock at the door. 
"Um, Mr.R...This is for." The lady looked at her clipboard. "Ms.Alexandria Salvatore."

I looked up. "Something for me?" I asked.

She smiled and walked over to me handing me the envelope.

"It's very special." she said.

I looked at her confused but, she walked away and that's when I noticed the whole class staring at me. Oh yeah, they didn't know my last name was Salvatore.

"Alright, everyone back to notes!" Mr. Reynolds said.

Everyone glued there heads to notes and I looked at the envelope.  It looked exactly like the one Gregg gave to me. 

I opened to see a light creme colored paper with 'Alexandria' in small cursive letters. It was him. I opened the oak paper and read the note.

Dear A, 

Morning beautiful. I saw you were the bracelet. And the other charm.

I'm glad your no mad at me for anything. I just want to wait a few days before I see you. I miss you so much A. I just want to lay low for a tiny bit before I make any moves. Victoria''s dead which means your out of trouble. But, remember, Klaus still has his followers who are trying to pay a debt to him. They still will be coming to the Falls. Please just stay safe. I wouldn't bear to see you in the state you were before. No one knew that Klaus was at Mystic Falls. So, everyone assumed that he still needs Elena. Just wait a little and I promise i'll be there. I miss you. 

I don't want you to come looking for me either. I have a surprise for you...tonight. Then, you will understand :) 

I love you. 

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