Stefan's P.O.V.

Katherine compelled her?! That lying...ugh. I couldn't even find the right words to say. Who separates 2 brothers from their baby sister? I wanted to rip her apart in pieces more than I ever wanted to. I hate her. So much. For Elena and for Alex now.

"Katherine had planned everything out." I said quietly.

She kept her head low and nodded her head.

"How bout we go home and explain this all to your big brother" I said sarcastically.

Her eyes widened in terror. "You mean explain this to Damon Salvatore?" she said.

"The one and only." I took a deep breath. "Come on, I'll be there if her tries to do anything." I said.

I stood up and  held my hand out for her to take. She stared at my hand and then looked up at me. 

She lowered her head again. "Ok..." she mumbled.

She took my hand and w both ran into the woods. Once, we entered we became real quiet. It was so awkward. Meeting my sister after 147 years. We were so close and now....we feel so apart and so....far. I miss us laughing and eating ice-cream out on the porch. Her coming to me if Father yelled at her and me just...being there for her. What kind of brother leaves his sister dead in the woods? I felt terrible...

 I stopped in the middle of the woods and squeezed her hand a little to make her stop.

"What's wrong?" she asked concerned.

I shook my head. "You know...." I tried to find the right words.

I took a breath. "I'm so sorry. I should have looked for you. I should have done something. How could I have been so blind? Even now if I do hate Katherine." I said.

She seemed surprised for a moment. 

"We're together now...that's what matters to me." she said sympathetic. 

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"I missed you baby sis." I said.

"I missed you too...big bro." She smiled and for a second...I knew everything was okay.

We made it back home and we stopped at the front door. 

"Are you ready?" I asked.

She took a deep breath and nodded her head. "Yeah...I think so." she said.

"You's been so long since i've come here....I miss this house." She smiled her cheery smile. One of my favorites.

"Yeah...This house missed you too...and... nothing will happen. I KNOW he won't get mad at you." I said.

Her smile faded away. "It's not that but....I don't want you guys to be hurt." she said quietly.

"Hey....hey." I lifted her chin. "We will always love you no matter what and we will protect and care for you til the end." I said.

She smiled again.

"I'll be back." I said.

I entered the house and found Damon laying on the couch with his eyes closed. He opened them as soon as he heard the door slam.

He got up and sat quietly.

"Your home."

"Yeah...." I said. I didn't want this to be awkward....too late.

"You were right." I said.

He lifted his head up and his eyes widened.

"About..." he was waiting for my answer.

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