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Stefan's P.O.V.

"BOOOOOM." Thunderbolt. I jolted out of my bed to realize that is was just a dream. She was still gone though. The painful memories had been coming to me like daggers for the past few days. Why? Because it is April 21st 2011. Today was the day she died. Today was the day I risked my life to save Katherine's. The evil bitch who made me lose everyone. I sat up and laid my head against the wall. Everything had been going wrong for the past month. Klaus and Elijah escaped, Jenna had died, and most importantly Elena was upset. I got up and put my shoes on and jumped out the window to make a perfect stop on the ground. I ran into the woods as fast as I could, dodging trees and bushes. As I ran, I thought to myself. Why me? Why had this all happened to me? I already had a pile of problems with me and then life gives me the day I regret the most. April 21st.  

I stopped at the corner of the cemetery at where Alexandria's grave had been mounted. The trees were swaying and the sky had a horrible color of grey. Occasional thunderstorms had been coming. I jumped over the fence and ran to the middle. As I stopped, I saw a familiar figure sitting by the grave. 

"Damon?" I said.

He did a small laugh. "So, your here too huh?"  His voice was small....and upset.

"She died today. How could I forget.... I could never miss this day." I said nearly whispering.  

We stood quietly for a couple minutes. 

He broke the silence. "Do you remember...A couple days before the town ball?"

"Um...Yea" I said confused. Is he alright? How could he bring up a random topic like that? Then, I finally understood. 

"Aaron Everwood came to our house to ask Alexandria to the ball." He did a small chuckle.

I smiled. The thought of that memory had brought tears to my eyes. I wiped them away and said,"I remember kicking the kid's ass." I said with a small laugh.

"We told him to never lay eyes on our sister. He was so scared that if he saw us on the streets, he would go running away." 

"After that, Lex didn't even talk to us for 4 days. She'd never gone that long..."

"But, we cheered her up by bringing her a bouquet of flowers."He laughed. "She had 2 dates side-by-side on the day of the ball. 

"Yeah...Good memories...." I said while quietly drifting my words. 

We both went silent for 2 hours. I took a look at the tombstone. It read, "Alexandria Stamon Salvatore"

When she was born, I remember Damon and I arguing for what her middle name should have been. In our family, the sister's name had always been the brother's name. But, Father decided to settle the dispute my combining our names to fill in the place of her middle name. Stamon. 

I put a hand on Damon's shoulder. "Come on, let's go." I told him.

I knew there were tears in his eyes even with his back facing me. I knew he was angry. We blame her death on ourselves.

He quickly rubbed his eyes and got up. "Race you home, brother!" He was already out of sight by the time I realized it was a race. I quickly tried to catch up but, I couldn't. He was too fast!

When I got home, Damon was pouring himself a glass of Whiskey. "Care for one?" he asked. 

"Sure." I said. 

"Sooooo, what are you going to tell Elena?"

Shit. I completely forgot! She doesn't even know about Alexandria. I promised her no more secrets and here another one popped up. 

"I think you should just let it out!" he said almost drunk. It had been 5 minutes since we arrived home and he was already drunk. Classic Damon for you.

"Well, you have it easy don't you Damon?"I said.

He poured another glass.

"That's your problem, lover boy." 

I rolled my eyes and went over to him. I put his hand on my shoulder and brought him upstairs to his room. He closed his eyes and I turned around to leave. 

I felt a tug on my arm. I turned around and Damon whispered to me.

"Your screwed, lover boy." he said.

For once Damon was right. I was screwed. I walked back to my room and laid down in my bed. 

It was 4 A.M.

I tried sleeping to forget the memories that wedged my heart...


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