Elena's P.O.V.

"Sssssssss." It was the sound of the frying pan baking. Jeremy wanted some eggs before everyone got here "JEREMY COME DOWN TO EAT." I said.

"COMING!" he yelled from his room. 

A couple seconds later I heard footsteps. I turned around to see Jeremy sitting at the table with a fork and dish in hand.

I chuckled. "Your really that hungry?"

"OH yeah. I only ate a sandwich at lunch today." he said.

I put the eggs on his plate and left to let him eat. 

"DING DONG" The doorbell rang and and I ran to the front of the house.  I opened the door to see Stefan with a copy of "I Am Number Four."  

He was smiling. 

"How'd you know?" I asked.

"Caroline called me to give me a run down on what we were doing." he said.

I laughed. Of course Caroline would make sure everything is perfect. 

Stefan pulled me close to his face. I could feel his breath hot on my face. He pulled me into a kiss and I smiled.  "You didn't think I would let get off that easy, did you?" he said against my ear. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "No, but I didn't know you'd miss me that much." I said with sarcasm. 

He chuckled. He pressed my lips against mine again and i didn't deny. Wow, he did miss me. A lot. I continued kissing him until Jeremy came into the room.

"Eh-hem." he said.

I broke the kiss off and turned to Jeremy. "Sorry, Jer." I said. 

He rolled his eyes and headed to the living-room. Stefan snickered and I laughed along with him.  

"Well, that was the second time today!" he said.

"Wow, we are dumb." I said. 

Stefan smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I took his hand and pulled him to the living-room. 

"Okay, so we have popcorn, soda, juice, chips, and Alaric is bringing over some Chinese food. 

"Are we going to go get the food?" Stefan said.

I took a glance at the clock and it was already 5:30.

"OH, come on!" I said. 

We headed out the house and went into to Stefan's car. 

40 minutes later we came home with Italian.

When we opened the door, I came face to face with Caroline. 

She shaked her head back and forth. "You two are late." She said pointing a finger.

"I know, I know." I said.

"Come on, let's go watch some movies." Stefan said.

We all headed over to the living-room and played Hangover first. 

It was actually a pretty fun night. It got Stefan and me focused on what else we had in life. We actually hadn't had a normal day in a long time. I was relieved from everything...especially Klaus. There was still a little part of me though knowing that he would come back. I knew he would come back and this time I would know what to do.

When we finished both movies, we all sat in the living room just talking and relaxing.

"Hey, you guys want to go to the grill? It's only 10:00." Caroline said.

I looked at Stefan and he smiled. "I think it would be fun." I said to him.

Everyone nodded there heads and stood up. 

"We'll take my car." I said. 

Everyone headed out the door as I followed along him. Then, I felt a tug against my arm. I turned around to see Stefan with his keys out.

"I don't think i'll come." he said .

"Why not? Is something wrong?" I said concerned.

"No, it's just...I wanna make sure Damon is ok and at....home." he said.

I smiled. He cared so much for Damon even if he did think he hated him. I cared too. 

I nodded my head "Ok, Just call me when you get home." I said.

He gave me a long, tender kiss. He left and I headed to my car. 

"Where's Stefan going?" Tyler said.

"He's going home to check on Damon...to make sure everything is alright." 

"Oh." Bonnie said.

I slowly nodded my head and there was a minute of awkward silence in the car. I knew it was weird he actually cared for someone. A douchebag with feelings. Unusual right? 

I drove off and we headed to the middle of town. We jammed to ROlling In The Deep in the car and we all laughed and enjoyed. 


Just a fillie :) BUT, Alexia is in the next chapter. .....*smirk*

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