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Stefan's P.O.V.
I felt so bad for Alex. It's not fair that she had to suffer because of some- .. ugh.

I was actually interested in meeting the boy, he seemed like my type of guy. He was...right for Alex. But, we weren't even sure he was alive or not... Why does Alex always have to be stuck in situations like this! It's not fair for her.

She really cared about him. I wanted to see her happy but, if she ever got hurt, someone's heart might get ripped out.. just a maybe. I could see it in her eyes that it hurt her to even talk about him. I wish I could do something ..  and then the idea popped.
Alex's room was already going to look great...but maybe I could do something for her birthday. It was coming up on May 16th. It would be perfect to get her mind off things and perfect to spend some catching up time with her.
I stayed up until about 2 in the morning and thought of what I could do.

AHHHH I got it.
We 3 could go out for a weekend and stay in California. I got on my Mac and searched up concerts on her birthday weekend and there was a OneRepublic concert in Los Angeles on her birthday. I wrote down the whole schedule and put it somewhere where no one could find it.
I wanted everything to be perfect for my little sister.
The next morning a couple of guys in jumpsuits came. They fixed up the hardwood floor in the room and left at about 8 A.M. The whole room was empty. All the guys moved everything in the hallway so I couldn't really move around.
I heard a sound at the door.
"Stefan! You there!" It was Elena. I jumped down the stairs and came face to face with her.
"Oh, you scared me." she said catching her breath.
I chuckled a little. "I'm sorry." I said.
I hugged her and gave her a quick kiss.
She looked at me smiling. "You ready to get started?" she said.
I nodded my head and we walked upstairs. I opened up the paint bucket and we blasted up the music. I twirled Elena around a couple times while we painted. We laughed and enjoyed for a while which was fun .. I loved when we did these things.

Around 10 A.M. we finished the whole room and Damon came.
"Wow, the room looks good." he said. And for a surprise, he was NOT sarcastic.
"So, when are you guys getting the furniture? You and Elena could go and I'll stay here with the dude whose fixing up the bathroom. Besides, I'm not a furniture..shopper" he said. He looked serious. Wow, he was actually interested in doing the room.
"Um, okay.." I said. "We'll see you in a couple hours." I was shocked at how much this meant to him.
I took off with Elena to a furniture shop downtown. We roamed around for a while until we found an amazing set. We chose a chestnut brown bed and chestnut tables. I got her a matching dressing table and computer table. The furniture was perfect.
I went to the cash register and compelled the lady.
"You will deliver by 2:00 today at the Salvatore boarding house by the woods." She nodded her head and wrote down the address I gave her. Being a vampire definitely has its perks.
As we headed home, we noticed a vintage shop on the corner of town. I didn't notice it until Elena almost deafened me.
"Stefan, Stefan! Stop! Let's go there!" She shouted.

I laughed at how excited she was. 

"Your so funny when your excited" I said. 

She rolled her eyes and smiled. We got out of the car and entered the little shop. Inside were many different types of vintage items. Carpets, decorations, jewelry, and more! I couldn't believe my eyes.  We looked around the shop and found some pretty amazing things. I found a wooden plaque that had written Alexandria on it which was absolutely perfect for her. I knew she would love it. It was also a surprise how lucky we were to get one with her name.

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