Stefan's P.O.V.

April 21st, 1864

   I woke up. Gunshots. I heard them getting closer and closer. "Over there I see someone!" screamed a man. I tried to get up but Alexandria tugged against my arm. I slid out quietly and put on my shoes. Alexandria was sleeping, quietly and peacefully. I gave my little sister a quick kiss on the forehead and headed out. I ran across to the out house at where Katherine had been staying. She let me in. She was wearing a navy blue nightgown with a white lace collar. Even in the candle light she looked beautiful.

 Stefan - "Are you ok?"

 Katherine - "Yes, but I need to go! The townspeople are coming closer and closer! They can't found out about me Stefan!"

 I cupped her face with my hands. "I know...Come on, the safe house is a good 3 miles from here. We need to hurry before anyone finds out we're gone."

 I pulled her into a tight hug and we heard footsteps inching near the out house. "We need to hide" I whispered. We both hid behind her bed.

 A familiar voice came trough the doors. "Katherine! Katherine, where are you!"

 Damon. I stood up with my hands grasping hers. " What are you doing here?"

 "For the same reason you came, brother" he said. Damon and I hadn't been on speaking terms since he found out that I loved Katherine. He had anger, pain, misery, and concern in his eyes. I felt so guilty yet, I couldn't help myself. I love her and she loved me. Not him, me.

 "We need to leave. We have to get her to the safe house. We'll stay there for the night and we'll bring her back in the morning..:"

 He nodded his head and grabbed Katherine's other hand. "What are we waiting for then?" He said firmly. Katherine looked into his eyes and she smiled. She geld my hand tighter which a signal to stay calm. I did what I was told to do so.

 I knew he was jealous that I had gotten here first. It definitely showed it in his eyes. But, it wasn't my fault that I loved her. She was my everything and I couldn't loose her.

 "Stefan, come on we need to go!" I looked into Katherine's eyes and walked with her out the door.

 We ran until we got to the entrance of the forest. I looked up to my house and saw that the lights were still off. Lex was still sleeping.


 KK, SOOO that was my first chapter and it was SHORT. it is a flashback to introduce you to the sister :) The flashback will continue on for another chapter. This is my first story, sooo please show some LOVE! :)

xx Pura

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