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I'm sorry for changing what Ash looks like again. I'm still experimenting with With what fits with her personality best. I promise that I will not change it again.

Ash pov

Toby and Damien helped me to the car since I'm still in a lot of pain. Damien has a hickie. I smirk.

"Damien, did Toby give you that?" I say referring to the large pinkish purple mark on his neck.

"W-what? Why would you think that?"

"Oh, please. I saw the way you two were checking watch other out. I can't blame ya."

"I did give him that beautiful mark. And I'm proud of it." Toby says.

"Haha. Wow." I laugh.

Damien starts driving towards school.

"Ugh. I don't wanna go!" Me and Toby say in unison.

"We are going to be late but the upside is that we already missed half of class. So it won't be to hard." Mr. Happy-go-lucky says.

"Ugh!" I groan.

We approach the school and Toby pokes me in the eye.

"What was that for?!" I yell.

"I just wanted to poke somebody."


"Weasels ass."

"Conniving inevitable penguin dick."

"Mrs.Big words."

"Using large words is just showing that you have a large vocabulary. And how smart you are." I say. He groans.

We all get out of the car and walk into school. I see a girl sitting by the entrance. Dayyyuuummmm. She is very attractive. I stop by the door and go sit by her.

"Hey." I say.

"What are you doing?" Asks Damien.

"You guys go. 2nd period is my free period. I'll meet up with you at lunch." I tell Toby and Damien.

"Alright. Have fun lesbiaddict."


"That's my new nickname for you." Says Damien.

"Ok. Bye bye." I say. They leave.

"What you doing out here?" I ask.

"Sitting here being Alone."

"What's a pretty girl like you doing sitting alone?" I ask.

"Say something soon or else I might just die. I never flirt." I say.

"I'm not pretty. If you wanna find some pretty girls. Go hit the strip club."

"Ouch. That stings." I say and scrunch my nose while laughing.

"Sorry. I'm not a people person." She says.

"Yeah, neither am I. I'm just experimenting. And I really hope you like girls. If not, than I look pretty retarded right now." I laugh.

"Don't worry. Your doing fine." Share says eyeing me up and down while smirking.

"You seem like a funny person and a fun person to hang out with. Wanna go out some time?" She asks me.

"Woah. I-i didn't think I would get this far." I curse myself for stuttering when it was going so well.

"What's your name?" She asks me.

"Ash as in Ashton. You?"


"Well. It was nice to meet you Kendall." I smile and walk away.

Please read 'One little difference' by Amberrose.
Her story kinda ties in with mine. It's from Kendall's point of view. Please read it. Pleeeeaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee. She doesn't have a lot of views but it's really good.

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