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Ash pov

"So. Potato?" I ask Toby.

"Yeah. Because of the time you threw a potato at me."

"Haha yeah I remember." I smile at the memory.

He turns of the TV and looks at me.

"Goodnight my lovely potato." He kisses my head then falls asleep.

His? He said, 'my lovely potato'. His? What does he mean by that? He couldn't possibly like me back, right?

I stop thinking and let myself drift off into this beautiful thing called sleep.


Ash pov

I wake up feeling miserable. This probably isn't going to be a good day. I hear one of the boys whistling in the kitchen so I follow the noise. It's Toby.

"Why are you so damn happy. Is a Monday morning. Hoo-fucking-ray." I wanna go back to sleep.

"Why aren't you just a ray of sunshine on this beautiful morning." He replys and smiles brightly.

I star walking towards the table then trip and face plant. Toby rushes over to me.

"Babe, you ok?!" Babe? He just fucking called me babe.

I simply lift my head and groan. I peel my body off the floor and lean on Toby.

"Go get dressed, potato. School! Yay! The only thing dragging me down, but I legally have to go! Praise the fucking lord! Horay!" Now the grumpy morning spirit is decing to kick his baby maker in.

"That's the spirit."

He laughs and I gather my clothes and get ready for school. I grab my makeup and put it in my purse incase I have a breakdown and smear my makeup. Or the school jock and school princess will drench my face in coffee. Again. They've done that so many times I'm used to it. It's kinda like a tradition. They do it 3 times a week. But they're just wasting perfectly good coffee. I don't get it.

I feel fat today. I need to stay slim. Since Toby's downstairs he won't hear me puking, and I'm pretty sure Jinxx is sleeping still.

I kneel to the ground and lift the toilet seat up. I stick my fingers down my throat and wait. I puke for about 5 minutes when Toby knocks on the door. I know its him because his knock is firm and hard, I should've worded that differently. But anyways, Jinxx's, I could tell by the way he acts and just is, that his would be more soft and gentle.

"Ash, are you ok in there? I smell puke. Let me in. Please?" Ok? No I'm not o-fucking-k.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'll be right out." I say through tears.

I didn't even know I was crying. I pull my spare toothbrush out of my purse (don't ask) and brush my teeth so I don't smell like vomit. Then I spray perfume just for a cover-up.

I open the door and walk back downstairs. Now Jinxx is up. Toby walks over to me and hugs me tightly.

"Let's get to school. We're going to get something at Starbucks. What you want girl?" Toby asks.

"Smores frappichino."

"Now let's get going." Jinxx says angrily.

"Is he on his period?" Toby whispers in my ear.

I samck his shoulder and laugh.

While we're in the car I get out my scetchbook and art supplies and continue drawing this picture of a girl with black and teal hair up in a bun, and she has white headphones on and its not very good but I'm still almost proud of it.

Toby is sitting in the back with me watching me draw.

"That's really good. Didn't know you could draw."

"No its not. And I'm not."

"My followers will be the judge of that." He smirks and tales a picture of my drawing.

"I have 9,874 followers on Twitter and I bet they would have great opinions on your drawing. You'll see."

"Ok then."

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