I have a date

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Ash pov

Today I decided to wear my black and white I'll time low shirt, a black crop top, light denim shorts that say fuck you on them, red and black fake nails, a black choker necklace, my black knee high heels, black earrings, black lipstick, a cute gold necklace, black sunglasses, a black bracelet, a black kawaii cat thingy phone case and I put in my lip rings and my eyebrow stud thing.

I'm walking with Damien and Toby when I see Kendall getting beat up. We all rush over and start beating Cody shitless. Oh. Turns out I'm the only one beating him up. Everyone else is just watching. Kendall is passed out and there is now a crowd of people surrounding us and video taping the scene.

After I'm satisfied with my bloody work I get up and look over the scene myself. I pick up Kendall bridal style and start jogging towards Toby's car with the boys following. Damien is driving, Toby is in the passenger seat and I'm in the back with Kendall laying down and her head rested on my lap.

"Is that the chick you were trying to pick up?" Toby asks me.

"I didn't try. I succeeded. She asked me out on a date before I even did."

Damien and Toby chuckle.

"So, what happened back there?" Asks Toby curiously.

"I don't know." I answer truthfully.

"I didn't know you had that in you." Says Damien.

"Me neither." I say.

"Two thirds of the boys in this school can't even hurt Cody the slightest bit and you just beat him up. Wow."

Everyone is silenced by Kendall's ear piercing scream. I shake her and wake her up. Her eyes flutter open and her eyes are filled with terror.

Everybody is staring at her now. Even Damien. He's staring at her through the mirror.

"You ok? What  happened?" I ask her.

"I-i just had a n-nightmare."

"Alright. We're taking you to Toby's house. We're ditching today. But unfortunately I can't hang out. I have some business to attend to." I say. I saved up all my money last year to buy a mansion. I also already painted all the rooms. It looks amazing. It's black on the outside and it looks absolutely fantastic.

"And Kendall, is it ok if we have the date tomorrow?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure." She says.

"And I have a surprise for all of you later." I add.

Sorry for the short chapter. Or any mistakes in grammar or spelling.

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