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Ash pov

"How did you know?"

Was he a neighbor? Did he just happen to be walking by at the wrong time? Was he a friend? No, I didn't even talk to people nonetheless have friends. How in hell does he know?!

"I don't know." He says sounding lost and confused. "So that actually happened? Does your dad always treat you like that? Is he the reason you cut? Does he harm you mentally too? Has he ever put you in a hospital?"

He clenches his fists as I back away a few feet.

"I-i-i....." I feel an anxiety attack coming. My face starts burning and I can feel my throat closing up. I feel a single tear fall down my cheek. My legs go limp and so does my whole body. I painfully try to draw in air, but can't. This is the third time today I'm having an anxiety attack. I mentally punch myself in the face. I can't breathe. I force my eyes shut tightly. I can't stand this. I drown out everything happening around me. After what seems like hours I can breathe again. I open my eyes and Jinxx's parents are staring down at me lying on the floor. Where is Jinxx? I hear the ambulance. Then I start drifting out of concousness.

Jinxx pov

I call the ambulance. I don't know if she's having an anxiety attack or if she is having a heart attack or an asthma attack or what. I'm really worried. I think this is more than an anxiety attack. She's not breathing. Wait, oh thank god! She takes a deep breath in. She passes out after that. I call my only two friends. Toby and Ian. I call them and tell them both to get to my house ASAP. I sound like a girl on her period. Damn. They both live about two blocks away from me so they're here in about a minute. They both have a worried expression on their face and run up to me.

"Who's the chick getting wheeled into the-" I cut Toby off,

"Its a long story. I'll tell you when we get to the hospital."

I'm scared. Toby has a questioning look on his face. Ian looks like he just woke up. He pulls out his phone.

"Why do you have a chick over at 3 a.m?" He wiggles his eyebrows.

"Shut up."

I clench my fists so he knows I'm not in the mood for his bullshit. I hop in my car and my friends follow. I follow the ambulance to the hospital. Am I the reason for this? She seemed to get scared when I raised my voice and clenched my fists. I hope she's not scared of me. What if she thought I was gonna hurt her? I would never do that. Ugh. Too much drama for me. We arrive at the hospital and my parents, friends and I are sitting in the waiting room. Two men storm through the waiting room into the room were Ash was. I recognized them from my dream. The younger one must be her brother and the older one must be her dad. I feel anger run through my body. I hear Ash scream. Toby, Ian and I bolt through the door. Ash has a bloody nose and mouth. Her brother looks scared as his father is pounding on Ash's face. Me and Toby pry her dad away from her and Ian comes to help us. Her dad slaps Toby and he falls to the ground with a red mark on his cheek. I instictantly kick him where the sun don't shine, hard. Ash is crying. Toby and I quickly go to help Ash and 3 nurses sprint in. Its about time. They push us away and Ash's brother is just standing in a corner wide eyed staring at his sister. They tell everybody to get out and sit in the waiting room.

As Ash's brother walks by I ask him if we could talk. He nods his head shyly. We all sit back where we were. But this time her brother sits by me.

"Why do you hurt your sister?" I ask him.

"My dad threatens me and says that if I don't he'll kill her. Me and Ash use to be really close. Then the threatening and beating and drinking came in with my dad. Ever since my mom died my dad has been beating her. He turned into an alchaholic and an abusive dad. What's your name?"

"My name is Jinxx. You?"

"Axle. And how do you know my sister? And why where you with her at 3 a.m?!"

His voice transform from shy and quiet to loud and angry. I started to explain to him and my friends. I let every detail from when I found her on the bridge to now just roll of my tongue. Her brother once again looked scared and he started crying. This surprised me.

"She tried to kill herself 4 times now. She thinks I hate her. I really don't. I love her, she's my sister. I wish we were still close."

Right then I see the nurses wheeling Ash down to the emergency room and a few cops come into to the waiting room and are looking around. Their eyes scan around the room and when they land on us they approach us. 4 out of 7 cops that came in walk into the room that Ash was in and drag her dad out of there.

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