Loony bin

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Ash pov


Toby springs towards me and pushes me out of the way just missing the train.

"Ash, what the hell?!" Jinxx screams.

I start sobbing again and Toby hugs me tightly.

"I-i-i am s-s-s-s-so s-s-sor-ry."

Toby just hugs me tighter. He picks me up bridal style and kisses me on the cheek.

"Jinxx, go back to school. I'm gonna ditch with Ash." Toby says.

"Can I talk to you, Toby?" Jinxx says angrily.

"Yeah." Toby furrows his eyebrows.

Jinxx pov


I grab Toby's arm and pull him behind a big tree. He yanks his arm away.

"What's up?" He asks.

"Why do you get to hang out with her?"

"Because she just tried to kill herself and you screamed angrily in her face and made her sob. And I think I'm starting to grow on her."

"You're a dick. You don't deserve her. I hope you know that."

"Dude, remember when we were six? When you promised that a girl would never get between us?"

"We were fucking 6! I didn't know what life would throw at us! And Ash is worth fighting for." I say.

I lunge towards Toby and punch him in the nose. He falls down.

"Dude what the hell?" He says quietly.

"Leave her alone." I whisper and kick him in the balls.

He whispers and Ash runs over.

"God dammit, the fuCK JINXX?!" She tells at me looking furious.


"I'm taking him to his house. Go back to school and you have my number. Text me if you need to talk. Later." She helps Toby up and starts walking in the direction of his house.

Toby pov

"Thanks Ash, but I can walk home alone. It's not like I'm drunk or my head smashed up againts the sidewalk."

"Yeah, I know. I want to hang out though." She flinches after saying 'hang'.

"Ash, we need to talk about what happened." I say.

"I'm sorry, I just, am sick of everything. I'm gonna take you home then go back to school. And I'm glad you didn't get your head smashed against concrete. It hurts like hell. I'd know."

"Why? Did your dad do that to you?"

"Yeah. I hate him, he hates me. He's a douche and a rapist and is gonna burn in hell."

"Rapist?" Her eyes widen at a sudden realization of the word that escaped her mouth.


"Did he- rape you?"

"I-i-i- yeah..." She sighs.

"I'm so sorry." I hug her.

"Not your fault."

We get to my house. She hugs me.

"Bye, I can't afford to miss another day this month. Sorry." She gives me a sad smile that I return.

"Bye." Then she walks away.

Ash pov

I walk back to school. I hurry in and grab my stuff for 4th period. I go to the bathroom and go into a stall. I sit down on the floor against the door of the stall. I open up my purse and look for a small wooden box with a picture of Ike on it. I open it and pul out the sharpest looking blade and put the box back into my purse.

I check the time. Third period just started. I have time.

I slice the blade through my skin. It stings, but I'm use to it, so it doesn't hurt. Blood spills from the slit in my wrist. I slide the blade across my arm multiple times until there's no room left.

I lift up my other sleeve and start sobbing. I slide the silver rectangle again and again over my clean arm. There's blood on my arm and on the floor.

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